Help with training/FIM’ing clone with alternating node

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this isn’t posted in the correct forum category. I’m a first time grower and recently purchased a few clones with a lot of stretching. These clones also have alternating nodes. I want to train them to become short and bushy so I did a bit of research and everyone says to LST and bend/tie the top down. A few people also suggested FIM’ing to stop growth at the top. With alternating nodes I’m not sure where to FIM or where exactly I need to tie the plant down…

should I tie it down at the very top node ?
Should I also FIM at the very top node?
Is it a good idea to LST and FIM at the same time?

Please help lol. Here’s a picture of one of the clones

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You could top her and make a few more clones. Also consider transplanting.

Something like this


First things first, u gots to transplant them girls, they’re root bound, n stretched to the max. If u found this page, find ILGM’s home page, across the top r the contents within the site. Press the journals section, information abounds, every question u might have can b answered. N the mean time @Dave101 offers sound advice. U don’t give much info to offer sound answers, what medium u using? strain? lighting, nutes, etc.etc. Good luck, all the help u can ask for is here, n more than willing to help. :alien:

Thank you @dave101 !!

So should I not consider low stress training this clone at all then? is it too late to train it to become bushy without having to take a cutting? thanks again for editing and showing me exactly where to make the cutting and top, I appreciate you

Thanks @AlienBrew I didn’t know there was a whole section dedicated to growing journals. I’ll check it out.

and Yes, I plan on transplanting them into 3 gallon fabric pots tomorrow. I am growing in happy frog soil, currently not using any nutes. I just bought them but will be putting them under an HLG scorpion diablo LED light. Hope this answers all your questions.

You could lst, but I feel she is to stretched out, you won’t get the structure your looking for. If you top her you’ll have four main branches to work with, you’ll be able to better shape the plant with training techniques like lst, topping, etc. Even if you lst the main top the bottom branches aren’t going to grow much because they won’t be the main branches, if you top your making the bottom branches the main and they’ll take off, you’ll have a more even canopy with many branches. Also because she’s so stretch out only the very top of the plant will receive the light it needs, topping will allow all lower branches to receive the same amount of light, this again will be better in the long run. When you transplant you don’t have to go into the final pot, you could do 1 gallon first, this will make overwatering less likely to occur and allow for a strong root structure.

Thank you again @Dave101

I’m gonna go with your advice and top them then lst the bottoms branches. Would it be safe to transplant them into 1 gallon pots and then top right away? or should I wait a couple of days for them to get use to their new homes?

Also, when transplanting Do you think I should bury the clone up to the 4 main branches or should I leave that very bottom branch/node alone?

You can remove the bottom branch as it will most likely never reach the top. Maybe transplant first allow a day or two then top, this way you don’t stress her to much. I have done both at the same time and had no problems, transplanting if done right won’t hurt the plant at all.

I found this video on YouTube, this is the same way I transplant.


Ain’t the inter web a great place, pics, n videos, makes it hard to screw it up, but not impossible. Good luck my friend hope it works out for u n the best way possible.:grin::alien: