Help with topping

I could use some help figuring out where/what/when to top my first grow.

I have a (allegedly) Raspberry Kush clone which was planted in DWC hydro on July 5. It’s recently (past week) gotten quite large and I think it may be time to top it… but most or all of the guidance on how to top is focused on seed-grown plants, which may look different.

See the pic. I believe that I want to keep both sides of the branch, No. 1 and No. 4. I think I should cut No. 3 (approximately where the 3 is), but what about No. 2 (it’s growing off of 3).

I have supplemented with Si the past two weeks, and (maybe related) the main branch is starting to get a bit woody. I have grow netting which I haven’t set up yet, but will asap for SOG or Scrog or something.


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Yes, I got that (thanks). The problem is that my real plant doesn’t look like the drawing. Should I cut/pinch at #2 or #3? Need more pictures?

Is #4 a growth point or a leaf stem. Want to be sure before I say anything.
The rule of thumb is the strong survives. When you have a choice keep the bigger stronger ones.
How many nodes tall is she? Are you just wanting to top the main stem? Then what? Spread them out.
I usually don’t start SI until flip for the reason you mentioned. They get stiff and more difficult to bend and train.

These vids helped me. Indica institute is a pretty good YouTube channel.


Here’s a picture from the reverse, with the indicator numbers matching the previous picture. I think what I numbered 3 before was just something in the background…

My guess would be that 3 is the ‘main’ stem… if so, does that mean I should snip right at the 3 arrow head?

I think it’s 4 or 5 nodes high, depending on whether you count some leaves coming off the main stem close to the ground, that probably grew out of stem growth which was there when I got it as a clone.

I should’ve delayed Si, live and learn. It’s only the main stem getting a bit woody, I don’t think I’ve waited too long.

Plan is to spread out using (in part) a mesh trellis, but first grow & learning…

That’s helpful too, but my silly plant isn’t making it easy on me.

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Or maybe above the split above 3?

This! Let that be the thing that calms your mind. No matter what you choose to do, experience will come from the result. There is nothing wrong with failure, unless you let it detour your progress.
Looks like 3 is the main. Your plant is not being easy.

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Seems like I heard that somewhere before…

Oh, now I remember where :).

Snip at 3 or 3+ or somewhere else?

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In this shot that wilted looking white bit poking up between the two tops is where I topped. Your last pic is a tuff one to judge from. I’d tell you to snip above 3 but I’d feel awful if I told you to snip in the wrong spot. If my pic doesn’t help, try another pic. If that doesn’t work, wing it. You got this-be bold.

I’d cut the one you have labeled main branch if it were me.

Label 1

Man really tough to see.

Just top it and quit overanalyzing it. It really doesn’t matter just snip the main stem. Your making a mountain out of a hill.

If it’s too small to determine branch from leaf stem let it grow up a tad then top


Lol, that’s where I got to at lights-on this morning. I clipped #3. Fingers crossed (but how badly could I have screwed it up :slight_smile: )

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You can’t really screw it up, you could fim it by accident maybe but either way two or more shoots will pop back.

I did FIM it, but intentionally. My LST wire has arrived, so off I go to figure out what now :wink:

Hows the girl doing?

Continuing growing! Starting week 5 or so, need to light-proof the area soon.

Had a little calcium issue this week, but it was a rookie error. CalMagic gives amounts in ml/L, but the rest of everything gives it in ml/gal, so I underdosed.