Help with this browning leaf

I’m not sure what’s happening to my plant please help. This is a gorilla glue auto. It’s due for harvest right around july 16th. Indoor grow under 1200 led. The only nuts I have used is ff grow big amd big bloom. I used 1/4 of recommended does. There are 4 plantplants in a 4or tent. Humidity is usually around 30% and temp gets a little high on hot days around 89 usually at 83

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Did you flush before starting bloom nutes? Fox farms is acidic and can build up salts. Plus u cant go by the amount of days the stains calls for thats just an estimate and if ur still using grow big while its started flower then thats definitely ur problem. Right now u want less nitrogen

I used noth nutrients. I am using this as my guide it was trace amounts of both. And the date is just an estimate for reference on the plants age.

I personally would stop giving it grow big bit thats me. I have the trio too. U plant looks to already be a week or 2 into flower. Its gonna need more phosphorus medium to high potassium and calcium and magnesium and less nitrogen. And if u use tiger bloom be very careful. That will cause problems quick. Those tips definitely look like too much nitrogen

Also u do make sure ph is correct when miximg right?

Yes I do check the ph. I have not checked the run off yet. This is my first time trying to use nutrients. I am growing in ff ocean and happy frog mix. Would I even need nuts? How do i correct a nitrogen deficiency? Can i get a corrected balance with my trio of nuts?

U would need to flush the soil to get the salts out but really pick up the pot and memorize the weight and dont add any liquid till its half the weight from when u watered. Ide imagine the size plant in the big pot dont need much water so u shouldnt even need to water but every 3 days or so depending on other factors. I would just back off the nutes and give it ph’d water or distiled with a little calmag akd wash iut some of those salts. Cant fix it in one day but correcting the problem will do u good thebrest of the way

Adding water while its still damp isnt good either u basically wanna dry it out but nit bone dry. I dealt with the same issues my first grow

Okay sounds good to me. I would rather not use the nuts anyways due to my lake of experience with them. To flush do i just water as usual with no nuts or do I truly flush under the faucet?

There in 5 gallon fabric pots

Its a tricky process. To be on the safe side just let it dry like barely any moisture and water till u have run off the let it dry out again and repeat then maybe introduce a little tiger bloom. But with the flush u can use the big bloom if u want just not grow big. Big bloom u can use every watering if u want. With autoflowers u basically have no room for error at all or they start flowering while they are still small cause of set backs. I had one get 4ft tall and huge cause i luckily didnt have set backs

It could be the leaves are getting pushed into the soil when you feed. Contacting rich growing media will burn them.

The leaves are really green. I’d hold off on nutes for a week.

You’ve probably got a good 7-8 weeks before harvest

Some of the leaves arnt by the soil that are burnt and the fact that grow bigs still being used in flower but i could be worng. Can only make suggestions ti find a solution

How old is the plant total

Sprouted on may 18th. 34 days.

The leaves are not touching the soil. I cant imagine itll have 8 more weeks of growth but we shall see.

I would try backing off the gorw big and go from there

Just sticking with a light bloom nut. And you said I can do that from the beginning of veg?

U can use big bloom all the way through both stages and u need to pit what they recommend. Its organic and wont burn the plant and has micronutrients