Help with these 2 ILGM Blue Dreams

I didn’t water them for 2 days by mistake, I watered them PH 6.6 very lightly, but I think that still was too much. I use a spray bottle to water around the edge of the pot and finish with a small spritz on the plant itself. Nothing is added to the water besides PH down to adjust correctly. There is a third of the same plant thats leaves perked up a little but hasn’t moved growth wise in 3 days. (I also was afraid of the soil being to stiff so each of these has 1 little worm in it)

Strain, type: ILGM Blue Dream

Medium (soil, hydroponic, etc.): SOIL

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Never checked, maybe get a drop out the bottom after a watering.

Strength of nutrient mix, EC, or TDS: No nutes

Indoor or outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size: Blurple Light

Temps day, night: Day 80F / Night 77F

Humidity day, night: Day 51-55% / Night 50-52%

Ventilation system (yes/no, size): 4" Inline fan that’s on about 80% of the time and 2 small hurricane fans on 100% of the time

AC, humidifier, de-humidifier: Dehumidifier and Humidifier set to keep tent between 48-55% humidity

Co2 (yes/no): YES


suggest you replant in 9 oz clear plastic cup. put a second cup on top for a humidity dome.
seedlings need moist soil. too wet, they rot. too dry, they die. it doesn’t take long to die.
the cup on top will hold humidity the best for growing little girls.
also, the roots can be watched for progress. once, roots are all over the cup it’s time to replant to permanent home.

Thank you!! I’m lucky a buddy gave me some healthy clones to fall back on but I NEED to figure out these early stages of life for these girls.