Help with the Black Widow

Hello All

Growing 2 fem black widow. 3x3x6 with AC infinity lights currently on 12-12. Feeding GH Floral feed twice a day in coco with perlite, ph 5.8, EC 2.2 ppm 1050-1100 this is my 5th week today. . I have an exhaust setup. First time grower any help will be appreciate it. Does it look normal I’m concern with the yellow stain but it’s just that one


don’t let one or 2 leaves make you go off on a mission…unless you are changing things from your normal way she will grow some non typical leaves and is not a problem in most cases


Your plant looks great. No worries :blush::v:

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Looks happy and healthy. I’d go ahead and remove the damaged leaf. It won’t recover, and the plant can use those resources elsewhere.

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I agree with @Newt Remove the leaf and keep on going.

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