Help with tent size

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi Robert I have a stupid question but I can’t get a straight answer.
This winter I decided to grow only Automatics, I understand that I can get by with only 4 gallon pots and since the bud I grow is personal I do not sell any, I’m a 40 year disabled paraplegic and it is a part of my medicine that I use even my doctor is totally against it , but I live in Wisconsin so that explains a lot.
Anyway since I may be able to yield about an ounce per plant I figure that if I grow just 4-6 plants at a time this will keep me in supply.
My question is what size tent can I get by with ? I’m an old fashion grower so all I ever used were HID MH/HPS lighting but since the automatics go into flowering after their 5th day of growth would I be better off using an LED light ? If so do you have a suggestion ? I don’t know much a all about them expect that the damn lights are not cheap .
I usually grew with a 400w HID system .
Can you please help me out or can’t you help me and I should look somewhere else?

A 4x4x60 will be pefect and maybe 2 MarsHydro 700 LED lights would work fine and they not to expensive and they yield great buds , are an 2 Advance platinum 1200 , plus you will need a centrifugal inline fan and scrubber 190 CFM ventech are bigger with at least a 6 inch duct fan , humidifier and dehumidifier and you should be able to grow 4-6 plants .

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Why buy Lights you are already hooked up in that department.
Tent, your plant needs …I go with 2 sq. Feet per plant. This should give here plenty of room to grow. Plus if your in a wheel chair you’ll need room to miniver in the tent.
I would think you have someone to help you. Not trying to be noisie but helps me to know so I can help you better plus not to say anything stupid… lol

Go with a 60 x 60 x 80 grow tent. I personal have one of these.