Help with temp and humidity

I need help I can not keep my temperature steady sometimes it gets as low as 68 and my humidity gets as low as 45. I got a suggestion from my nephew to use Ice it helps but as soon as it melts the humidity goes back down. I have one of my kids old humidifiers on the out side of the tent, intake hose, and my intake fan. on the inside with my babies I have a fan, temp/humidity gauge and the the intake fan. they seem to be growing but I don’t know if that is stunting their growth.

your temp is fine and your humidity isn’t terrible. shouldn’t be killing your plants. you can try the bucket of water with a rag over the side touching water, inside the tent to raise it up as well.

there’s probably something else going on. got a pic?

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You said you are in a tent? Why not just put tbe Humidifier in the tent ? That’s what I do.

Here is a VPD chart if you didn’t have one. Its for ideal temp/humidty ranges.

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What stage of growth are you in ?

Here are the plants the 1st is 8wks the other 2 are 7wekks

1- plant is 8wks
2 and 3 are 7 weeks

I have a small tent with 3- 5 gallon pots in the tent so my humidifier would not fit.

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I agree with @alexankh
I think you’re looking good

I agree with the others ur plants are looking good keep it up

You’re good:

Thanks guys, this is my first and don’t want to ness them up.

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