Help with soil?

I’ve always just used HappyFrog and nutes but my next grow I would like to just add pH’ed water and let the soil totally take care of the plant organically. I’ve read about making Magic Mike’s living soil and am wondering is there an easier way of starting? Does anyone make a living soil that has everything in it cannabis needs that I can purchase? If so, who? I’ll be using Boogie Brew Compost Tea to feed with. Thanks again all. I’m liking this forum better than all the others I’ve sed so far!


The only cooking I do is what I eat. If I were to try the water only living soil route I would use Earth Dust from the Green Sunshine Company.


@GreenSnek or @KoolHandLuke? I know there are others out there using living soil, I just can’t remember who…

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@MeEasy @JaneQP @Storm I believe these grow peeps use the ED. I am onboard but will not start until my next bean.


Earth Dust is great @av8ersteve . The simplicity and results are great. I cook a few weeks while seedlings popping. Transplant. Water. That is it till just before flower. Top dress flower boost. Water til harvest. That is all that is required. Issues are rare and not serious. Started it last year and have had maybe 20 or more girls finish with it. All awesome.

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We use Big Rootz by The Soil King on my sons grow. Works great.

Have you ever considered using real garden soil or sterilized compost? In truth, you cant actually have a true living soil indoors. There is so much going on in real outdoor living soil it would be problematic indoors.

Hey now! Running one bag ocean forest mixed with one bag happy frog 4 extra hefty scoops of earth worm castings. Gaia green power bloom mix in the beginning. If you are vegging longer then 3 weeks start with all purpose and amend two weeks before flower with power bloom. Also they carry a glacial rock dust i also mix in beginning and amend through out the grow. Mycos and Azos when first planting. Then just water my friend, a little fish sh*t and myco chum help to keep population alive and thriving doesnt hurt either. I used Earth Dust my first few grows back and i can honestly say i prefer the gaia green with the results. Good luck on your grow!!

I am using earth dust and I will say my soil is missing the clay component to give it some binding. Going to add that in the next outdoor run.

Our yard sits on a clay layer. My biggest plant was the one grown in ground and whose roots may have hit that layer.

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