Help with soil what do I do

@garrigan62 I hear you’re the one to ask about soil. Since miracle grow has time released fertilizer would it be possible to put sledge hammer flush thru soil before using or is this just wishful thinking? I need to drive hour from where I live for good soil so was wondering

It would take an ungodly amount of flushing to remove all the mg fertilizer.

Sorry, but there has to be better alternatives for you. A garden supply store, Home Depot etc.?


I was just wondering, Ok off to home depot tomorrow. Thank you

I also live an hour from any hydro shops but walmart has coco coir, perlite,vermiculite,and worm castings and liquid cal-mag, well mine does at least and i live way out in the boondocks. (Mixing ratio 1:1:1:1 worm casting coco perlite vermiculite ) . This will get you thru seedling stage without no problems .Mabye later order order some soil or fertilizers of your choice of Amazon or E Bay. Ps. Flush the coco before using to get rid of excess salt

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Check Fox Farms dealer locator. It surprised me who carried their products.