Help with setup

A question from a fellow grower:

I will be purchasing a 4x4x10 gorilla grow tent from i would like to get my seeds from you. Gold leaf looks good and i saw you had a deal on white widow. Which from what i read is good starter seed.

I need your professional advice on the lights, ventilation, nutrients and all the other stuff involved for the 4x4x10 space i have. What to buy, how much to buy in order to start off on a successful grow.

Also since you know these two stains well. The best light cycles, how much water, when to add what nutrients? I pretty much need a week to week diagram of what to do if thats possible. Lol

I would suggest starting by downloading the free grow bible if you haven’t yet.the nutrient pack you can buy from ilgm is supposed to be very good stuff according to the users on the site and also comes with a feeding g may be a little difficult to tell you exactly what to do cause different plants have different needs but the the grow bible and the other reading material on the site will give you the closest thing to a week by week diagram that someone could give you

I wanna go HPS light. What wattage do you recommend for the 4x4 grow tent? And how many lights?

In general you need about 50 watts of HID light per square foot. 4x4=16 square feet. Most people find one 600 watt HPS light plenty for about a 4x4 area, but many people will use a 1000 watt, as 16x50 does equal 800 watts.

Awesome! Im gonna go with the 1000 watt dual bulb package the link provided. Any links or suggestions on ventilation?

How new are you? I don’t recommend trying to max out the light for a new grower. A 1000 watt is going to have a ton of heat to deal with. Even a 600 watt is going to be a lot of heat.

If money is no option and you can build with completely enclosed hoods and you can vent hot air with ducting completely out of the room, the heat won’t be as much of a problem. You will want your carbon filter on the intake from the tent to the light, or the intake should come from outside the tent and outside the room it should still at least have basic dust filter.

Im brand new. But have read 3 different grow bibles and know the basics of getting started. But the books leave some blank spots and im more looking for specific from people who’ve done it the way i will. Im gonna do the 600 watt light. I have 6k saved now. But of course i dont wanna spend that much. I would like to keep my budget around $1000 with a $500 buffer zone if needed. Like i said im gonna go qith the 4x4x10 gorilla grow tent. The 600 watt dual bulb/ ballast package. Im going to call and see what they recommend but as a company i feel they would suggest whatever to get more money out of me. Soo!
4x4x10 gorilla grow tent
600 watt MH/HPS light set up.
? What else would you suggest with a 1500 max budget?

Brand new but read 3 different bibles. I have a 1500 max limit. Im gonna go 4x4x10 gorilla grow tent. And the 600watt MH/HPS set up. What else would tou suggest for my tent within the 1500 i can spend.

You are going to need the carbon filter, ducting, centrifugal fan, and maybe air conditioning for the room the tent is in, even if it is in an air conditioned house, this greatly depends on how you vent the hot air out of the tent, and/or out of the light’s closed sealed hood.

If that is what you need to do, depending on the size of your room, and what you do with the exhaust from the light/tent. If you exhaust the heated air completely out of the room the tent is in, it will have plenty of cool air supplied by the house’s air conditioning, in most cases, and likely would not need the additional air conditioning, but the duct work might be a bit of an expense.

And don’t forget about any smells, wherever the hot air is vented out of the room/house, that area needs to be checked for smell. Something else to consider, is people have been busted with infra red/heat detection “vision” of police patrols, this is supposed to be illegal without a warrant, and most people who go to the expense of venting completely outside of their house use the house’s clothing dryer vent to mask any hot air signature if the house is scanned from the outside.

Get your supplies, build the setup, run it and tweak it [I] before [/I] you start your plants.