Help with setup, want to start simple

A question from a fellow grower:

Thanks for all the information. I am a first time grower. I have bought my lights, 4’ x 4’ x 80", fans, vent tubing, filter, etc.

Now I am wondering about the grow medium. I had planned on using soil, then thought about a coco coir mixture. I think I am reading too many how-to’s.

I just want to start out simple and perhaps work into other ways of growing.

Well if you want simple then soil is your best start! Mix perlite or vermiculite so when you feed the babies the water flows and doesn’t just rest there and get soggy. Also when using soil you must factor in the action of having to transplant unless you are doing a sea of green method then dont transplant and grow mini plants. But if you do decide to get fancy you should really try rockwool and clay pebbles or if not clay pebbles try orchid rocks! Very nice when you have them in net cups in Hydroponics!
Hope this helped!

Perlite and vermiculite won’t work much past seedlings. You need to add peat, sterile dirt, and mych. fungi, for a potting mixture plants can thrive in.

SOG is a method using clones to grow a short bed of plants. By no means do you grow in small cups, or containers. You can grow in as big a system as your grow space allows.

Research “Bubblers”, if you want to try simple hydroponics.

Buy Foxfarm soil if you have the bucks, and want to do a soil grow.

Or; Make your own soil using the ingredients I posted above.

Pro-mix soil has vermiculite and perlite plus the ingredients you named as well. Very good soil! I’ve grown in red solo cups veg to bloom no problem. Root pruning is necessary if you go that route. The plants will, in a way be bonzaied. Decent yeild depending on the strain! Small grow…

OK. I agree. If you want to do a Micro grow and have a very small yield I guess you can grow in Solo cups. I find it to be a waste of time, unless you have practically no space to grow in.