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I ordered feminized Blue Cookie seeds from Crop King seeds in Canada and received them in less than a week. I ordered the seeds before I found ILGM. Because I am currently running clones, the seeds were recently gifted to a friend. She is starting out now, and 5 of 6 seeds have germinated.

Seedsman (EU), ILGM (EU), Grower’s Choice (EU), MSNL (EU), Sensi Seeds (EU), Crop King Seeds (Can). All of these seed banks ship to the US, and are commonly listed in the top ten seed banks online.

Ok so I ordered my seeds last tuesday, they arrived last friday. I put them in a glas of water on saturday. i removed them from the water and put them on wet paper towels in between two plates in the cupboard on sunday. I have put them, all of them popped after 24hours, in soil yesterday. I ordered from zamnesia and I live in europe. I hope it helps.

(sorry I just now after writing this read the old thread where you say in the US, I will leave it anyway, in case someone from europe has the same question)

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