Help with seeds please

I have seed mat and rapid root plugs. The nessary equipment to germinate seeds. Plug holder and dome. Need to germinate seeds. I have never done it before. I always just used clones. Suggestions and direction please.

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I don’t use those, but wanted to welcome you to the forum! :wink:


Just drop them in tap water and keep them in a warm, dark place. If you have hydrogen peroxide then it’s a good idea to mix in a couple cap fulls. The seeds should all crack within 24 to 48 hours. From there you want to get a damp(not to wet) paper towel and let the seeds grow out their tap root to around a 1/4 inch long. Put the seeds in the plugs and keep them domed and around 78 to 80 degrees. The closer you are to 80 degrees the faster they will grow for you.
Good luck and ask anything else you may need help with.


Thanks a ton. Just got legalized in Missouri and I dropped some coin on seeds. It will pay off in long run.

I’m using pint glasses how much water ½ way full?

Freaking Lucky… :angry:

For the water in the cup, the amount doesn’t really matter… Just so long as the seeds can sit on top of the water. Like, 1 inch of water… :slight_smile:

Very cool thanks. I have fem seeds. It’s not ideal situation I have got 6 diffrent strains. I plan on running them in a drip hydro set up. Do you forsee issues with 6 separate strains. I have plenty of time to watch over them.

I see people do different strains all the time. I think the biggest factor is the strains you are doing and if they are autos. Autos will start flowering at different times. With photos you can control when flowering starts among all of them at once… This doesn’t necessarily make it any easier though because with different genetics they will grow differently. But then again even seeds from the same exact plant will grow at different rates. The key is to keep your lights at the right distance, to allow for enough airflow, and pay attention to each plant individually. They will mostly all need the same amounts of things, but sometimes you will have plants that want more Nitrogen or something… Of course make sure you keep the seeds separated in different cups or else you will have no way to know which is which lol.

I did do that. Lol
The flowering times are doable when they hit 15in tall, I will flip to bloom.


Looks good! Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

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Ok just switched to paper towel
Gigabud grew out of its seed. If I need to do something different please tell me.

I have them in towels still in dark. Two towels on bottom one on top. With plate on top.

The Hash Lover seed cracked has tap root and it’s isn’t popping yet. So pulled off part of plug covered it. I’m hoping it comes out and I get 6 outta 6.

I like to remove helmets right away. (Seed shell hanging on). There’s some debate on this about leaving them on.

But I wouldn’t. If you want to remove them it’s best to wet them first. I use a fine mist and leave it alone for ten minutes. Then remove. Tweezers work well. Use a reverse vice kinda action and pop them off, don’t grab and pull. Often you will find cotes are still stuck together. This is caused by a skin membrane like thing. Comes off with gentle scratching with the tweezers.

A lot of words but it’s a breeze. Be gentle.

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@flaniganryan72 welcome to a fellow MO enthusiast!

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What are the benefits with using the hydrogen peroxide in the water?


More oxygen in the water.
H²O is water(only one oxygen molecule).
H²O² is hydrogen peroxide(2 oxygen molecules)


Okay things really didn’t turn out that well can we get into specifics? The germination and tap root went great. Soon as rapid rooter plugs came into play. They grew but the tap roots didn’t tap. I’m struggling to keep 3 of the 6 alive. It’s not looking good and I’m stumped. The only good thing about it is I practiced with the free bonus seeds. I really can’t afford to lose the 25 remaining seeds I got. They were not cheap. I have 5 seeds of 5 diffrent strains. Do you have anymore advice?

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How wet were the plugs? And how long were the tap roots whenever they went into them

80 degrees plugs intermediate more to moist side. The tap roots length inch or longer. They might bounce back I doubt it.
I’ve heard to soak plugs not soak plugs? They grew well just were not growing into the plug.