Help with seedlings and light distance from plants

Thanks so much for your help or ideas . I am trying to get my seedlings the best environment to grow. I ruined a bunch of seeds trying to get my seedlings to grow this past couple weeks with too much water now I germinated nicely and put in the seed with tap root and put in potting soil . All the seeds popped up and showed leaves . I only give them water when looks dry and only a couple sprays around the seedling . But then they just stop growing and then slowly die. Is my lights too high or low ? What is the good distance to have the lights from the seedlings?

I have 2 , 1000w giixer led grow light with manual switch for veg. (Both next to each other )

Right now my seedlings are 33” from the light and on 18/6 bc I also have clones in the tent.

Anyone can help would be greatly appreciated


33" with that light definitely not killing them with too much intensity. It’s probably too far away but that would cause them to stretch and maybe fall over not wither or die slowly. You have any pictures? I’d wager it’s something else killing them.

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I found if from seed that filtering your tap water helps

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Appreciate the response. I think might be just that I let them get to dry . I’m trying to not over water so maybe they got too dry . ? How high do you suggest I have my lights ? Closer ? Is it the same for the 3 week old other plants I have?

My tent in the afternoon has the sun shine inside the tent when I check the plants . I try not to let the sun in so I check when clouds come does this make a difference?

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As long as the tent lights are on I don’t think it would matter at all for some sun to shine on them.

I own the same light. You can bring it closer than 30". Just bring it down a few inches at a time until you have the node spacing you are looking for.

You could have let your plants dry out. Hard to say. I start in three or five gallons and keep them more wet than most. Watering seems to be tough for a lot of new growers to get a handle on. You’ll get there. Learn to judge the weight of your containers. For instance, when I fill a three gallon pot with fresh dirt from the bag it has moisture in it and adds a lot of weight to an empty fabric pot. Then you lift it daily and when it’s a good bit lighter you know it’s dry. This becomes easier with practice. Especially when you have some bigger plants you can safely let dry out and droop. Then you really see how light those pots can get. I never let mine droop anymore but those exercises definitely helped me gauge water content by weight much more effectively.

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thats exactly how I tell my if my plants need :droplet: light pots mean :droplet: its not the bets way cause u may water more then others or going In out in out this happens :bug: :bug: :bug:

Have you been placing a dome over your babies? Mist the inside of your dome, place over seedling, and then lightly mist outside of dome and surrounding soil.

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