Help with seedling, how to move it

A question from a fellow grower:

I started approx 10-12 seeds on papertowel. 1 only after 7 days sprouted. I’d pretty much given up, then to my surprise a very strong healthy looking seedling emerged from a terracotta herb plant box. The one that sprouted - gone, so l sort of just poked a few holes in random places with no hope that l would see anything. So, this lonesome, strong seedling is in the herb planter which is 3" Depth x 8" W x 12" L. What is the best course of action. What’s safest way to move to a permanent pot. I don’t want to lose this little battler. I’ve left this a bit late for Melb/aust weather, but fingers crossed. Outdoors also. Can you advise me as to repotting my only child!

Let that little one get some what established before transplanting it. Say 5 6 true sets of leaves first. This way it would have established some roots. No nutrients untill then also.
But when you do go to trans plant use some root shock to gal of water after adding root shock to water make sure you check the PH should should be in the range of 6.0 to 6.5.

Hope this helps and keep us posted on your grow best of luck.

B Safe