Help with seed order

i ordered seeds from ILGM in February 2020 to be shipped to NZ as of 05/08/20 I have not seen them and wonder the statement they make on GUARANTEE DELIVERY IS TRUE, NOT VERY HAPPY SO FAR

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Hi @PATSY1962, I’ve moved your post to it’s own topic, and I’m tagging @ILGM.Stacy to see if she can help you. Please give the customer service staff an opportunity to look into your order.

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It’s very true they have ALWAYS took great care of me, @dbrn32 has ya goin the right direction

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I had some issues in the past but was always taken care of , my issue NOW is that I’m NOT getting my beans from Amsterdam But from a Local here in the States , what I received Sucked and Nothing compared to what I was getting back in 2016-2017 from @ILGM site.
ILGM told me that I was to receive Quality seeds , this wasnt the case , and I am hesitant to buy any more

Hi friend, maybe if you find good beans you could put me on to the supplier I’m in nz

And I was gonna start an attempt to buy here again – they suck with credit card orders – I was gonna ask why at almost $20 bucks a seed that they don’t offer smaller (3) seed orders… but I digress - info no longer needed


ILGM are no longer shipping to NZ due to packages not arriving here. I’m in the same boat as you. made two orders that will likely never get here and will be around $600 NZ dollars out of pocket. I really can’t understand this. Australia has no problems but nothing arrives in NZ?..doesn’t make any sense. According to NZ post website there are no problems in shipping between the West Coast of the US and NZ at the moment and no major delays with delivery withing NZ. I can’t imagine customs would be capable of intercepting every seed order or would even bother with small amounts.

Hi Matty me to, does not make any sense ILGM say they guarantee delivery and say they have very good stalff methods but not good enough I recon, they should give us a refund of our money, which I have asked for but they just emailed me on thursday the 13/08/20 saying my order has just been re-shipped ? yeh right

So are our NZ Government intercepting everything or is this something to do with the china flu?..everyone can claim ignorance with this rubbish

After being stuffed around by ILGM I sent a order to Marijuana seed shop in the Netherlands on 5th August I received my package on 15/08/20 today so they got through the border no problem came in a shirt so why do ILGM have so much trouble ?

2 years ago Aus had the same problem you guys are now. I remember @Coltfire having all kinds of trouble.

Hey Patsy, glad to see your seeds got to you. have you got a link for the seed shop you got them from? I’m about 2 weeks from harvest and have nothing to put into dirt because I’ve spent the last 6 weeks waiting for my seeds to show up

ILGM are still shipping to Australia but they no longer ship to NZ so I’m guessing Aussies must be getting there orders at the moment.

Cheers mate…will order some now

@Matty , I gave up trying to get them to Australia, unfortunately I could never get them through, I now use seedsman, dont have any problems, and if they don’t turn up or sprout, they replace or refund, just like ilgm.

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They tried twice to get them through for me, in the end I brought some off the brother in law,as it had been 2 months, and it was time to plant, I now buy my seeds at harvest time, so I don’t have that problem again.

Im in Perth Western Australia. From the email that said they were on there way i got mine in 11 days :slight_smile: it was a very nervous 11 days! Not because i was worried about getting caught but i was nervous they couldn’t come because of some reviews i was reading!

Lucky you, 7 weeks since I ordered and still no seeds here. They reshipped them two weeks ago and they haven’t shown up either…this whole experience has been an absolute nightmare…a very expensive one

I don’t know anyone with legit seed stock locally. I don’t know anyone that actually grows so I have to play roulette ordering seeds overseas…the joys of living under prohibition.

Its really too bad whats happening here, when I first started ordering from ILGM I had Record delivery times to the USA , I think 8 Days was the Best delivery but averaged 10-12 days .
Bummer for all who are experiancing problems.