Help with pump for draining buckets hydro

After searching trying multiple things I’m clueless and there’s got to be a better easier way to drain 5 gallon bucket. My plants are double scrog so it’s already a pain to slide the lid over and get a submersible pump in there it’s a pain plus these pumps need on off switch bc hate unplugging while keeping hoses in place so water doesn’t drip anywhere. I tried priming the pump first out of buckets to use as a inline pump but have to prime every bucket and I have a total 24 to do. Yes I’ve heard of rdwc and even have 4 sets but my grow area is a tight unmanageable area with rdwc so until I expand my grow room I’m limited to bubble buckets . I just can’t figure out a easy way to drain bucket . There not high enough to use the water level indicator to use as a drain unfortunately. Is there a easier way of doing this? Is just buying a self priming inline pump my only option? If so which one should I get ?


I have no idea but hopefully someone can lend a hand
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good luck
Scrog & plants look great


@beardless Happy Cannaversary

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Beautiful set up… I drilled a 2" hole over by the edge of the lid and used the shop vac to remove the water and then used my transfer pump to draw from my 5gal bucket of new water to fill them back up with. I just designed a new auto feed system im going to try. i will tag you and you can see how i drained mine last grow. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:


How about that. No idea. Thanks

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Thanks everyone. Was thinking shop vac but was afraid of damaging some roots .

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Before i started using the transfer pump with the screen on the hose, i would cut a piece of mesh or( or panty hose)and attach it to the hard tube of the shop vac with a rubber band. The transfer pump is easier, because i can stretch the flexible garden hose to the tub. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the tag @beardless

@GrowingLove I believe @NUG61 has you covered. Not really a whole lot of options as you have already found out.

I run scrogs with my system which is one of the main reason I didn’t go with dwc. Kind of hard to check and deal with everything with a net above it.

Plants look great! Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: