Help with prob of broken limbs

I went out to water tonight and found one plant broken off and a couple

of limbs broken. How can I save these buds. Not quite ready I’m afraid.

I’ve used honey and wire the hold the limb until it heals. As long as it’s not completely severed, it should be fine. Duct tape also works, imagine that!

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Exactly as @Familyman said, put a little honey on the break and then tape it back together.

Yes its broke off totally

@Jules1 Then it’s time to dry and smoke nothing else to do sorry it won’t hurt what is still growing

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Do they look ready to dry and smoke? This is my first grow.

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It will definitely work Looks like you’re getting closer for sure but what you have there dry it

Ok thank you. Stupid critters prob got to them and broke them.

Do you have a scope with 60 to 120 x zoom to check trics? Or even the jewelers loop

No not that equipped.

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There cheap I would definitely recommend one

Oh cool thanks for info. The buds look a little amber. Does that mean it’s about ready?

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