Help with premature harvest

Hi Everyone…Im hoping that you good people out here can please advise me on what to do…I am going into week 10 of flower with 2 Burmese Kush and 1 abominable snowman, both indica girls. I had thought I planned this indoor grow accordingly to harvest but I thought wrong…I am going on vacation in 3 weeks and am thinking that I need to harvest before I leave and dry, I will leave the curing to a friend to burp them a few time a day while I am gone…my anxiety on harvesting is this…all the leaves have all died but there are still white pistals that are growing (and a lot dying back) and the tricomes are pretty much 80%+ cloudy with very little to barely any amber tricomes. I want to keep them as long as I can but thinking that I will be forced to cut them within the next 10 days so I can give them a week if I need to to dry them before putting in jars…I have started to flush them the past week…can someone please reassure me that my hard and dedicated past 18 weeks are not going to be wasted…I cannot leave them there as I will have family moving into my house while Im away and I would rather the law find them(cause its legal) instead of family…
Any bit of reassure advise would be gratefully appreciate

Honestly you could cut them at anytime if they have buds but you may lose some potency from them. I’m not an expert but from what I’ve read people have had to cut early for various reasons and still been more than pleased with there work.

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You’ll be fine, it may not be perfect, but it will be closer to perfect than it will a disaster.

You got time, many times I’ve found that just 5 days of drying and one week of curing make an enjoyable product, with longer cure times normally increasing that enjoyment. Try not to feel to rushed if someone else will be doing your curing, that gives you two more weeks of growth and one week of dry time before you go on vacation :wink:

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At this time of year I doubt drying it will be an issue.

The plant looks like it is ready to harvest. Cut all those yellow sucker leaves off, it is pulling potency from your buds because energy is still going to that leaf but that leaf is not providing any energy for the plant anymore. If you are not leaving in ten days, wait about one week, harvest, buy one of those drying baskets hang from ceiling and do final trim, lay all bud on the hanging drying rack for another 3 or 4 days, then instruct buddy to put into the jars, store in dark place, and burp once a day for a week, but I usually open jar, empty far out, feel the humidity pack and make sure it is still soft, let sit out for 15 mins, put it all back in the jar and seal tight. Then the next week I burp every two days without taking out of jar. Another way is to let dry for a week, then trim them up, get a vac sealer and seal them up till you get back, then open them all up to get air, this is a quicker method but can crush your buds pretty much to the point you need a grinder.

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Harvest and start drying. Btw…come out of the closet…proudly let your family know you are a lifelong stoner…and actually like the Cheeh n Chong movies…:exploding_head::scream::crazy_face::clown_face::cowboy_hat_face::star_struck::vulcan_salute::v:

What is burping? And when curing do you need darkness​:angry::grimacing::rage::cry::sleeping::open_mouth::persevere::triumph: