Help with possibly converting from incandescent to LED

Hey Guys, this is not for me but asking for a friend not a member here. He wants to replace a 5 year old incandescent grow bulb with an LED that will fit a T12 fitting. He calls it a common 2 prong. it is beyond my level of expertise . Thanks

A T12 bulb, or even multiple T12 bulbs, might be okay for a seedling, but you’re not going to be able to flower a plant with it.

Suggest a proper cannabis light from HLG, Chilled, Spider Farmer, or similar.

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Thanks, I will forward the replies to him.

My .02 is the amount of time, effort and commitment to takes to grow something worth growing should also be reflected in the light and equipment needed to do the job.
As a newer grower and gardener (as am I) the process of growing is as rewarding as the end product so don’t short yourself.

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Not me, I have Spider Farmer lights. This guy is tight as a tick, can certainly afford it, yet remains hardheaded about these silly lights. His recent grow has gone nowhere and maybe he is slowly coming around to the idea that he needs decent lights.

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Lighting is probably the single most important factor for a productive grow. Inadequate lighting leads to poor growth, poor flowering, airy buds, less potent buds, and the list goes on.

Lighting is definitely not the place to find savings for a grow. Inadequate lighting will cripple a grow.


The chart posted below shows par map of a single hlg-64 vs 8- 23 watt cfl bulbs.


Keep in mind the typical efficacy of a 23 watt cfl is around 68 lumens/watt. The typical efficacy of t12 is about 58 lumens/watt. So the difference in t12 vs qb would be even larger. If your friend is serious about growing i would just get a modern led fixture thar is designed for the space he is trying to grow in.


Thank you all, I will forward all this to him

What I was trying to say and did poorly was that you appreciate what it takes and put that into your grows, your friend needs to take the same approach. Otherwise, he shouldn’t bother.

Lol, he marches to a different drummer. It is his way or the highway, unless as in now, his plants have totally stagnated and gone nowhere. He has even asked me about my lights for a friend of his who purchased decent lights, yet he remains hung up on these obsolete lights. Another friend who introduced me to him, and grew up with him, told me he’s yours!! I give up, concerning growing.

He’ll eventually figure it out for himself after a few failed grows. It’s too bad, but it is what it is.


Ask him if he wants to grow budget buds or real good bud. The light will make one or the other happen.

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I have two 4-foot 4-bulb T5 grow lights I use for seedlings. Last spring I bought LED bulbs for one of the fixtures, the other has the standard florescent grow light bulbs. There is no discernible advantage of the LED T5 bulbs over the fluorescent bulbs. The light intensity appears to be exactly the same. A complete waste of money.

will pass it on to him, thanks

“Get a flipping proper light for growing cannabis” is the message I would state in no uncertain terms.

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He has, I have been forwarding your replies to him, lol.

I suggest the light here for a single plant. It can cover 2 small plants in a pinch.