Help with possible nutrients issues... Funky leaves

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I went down to check my ladies and found that two of the plants have an issue on their upper fan leaves.

Everything has been pretty smooth until now.

I just watered yesterday(Thursday) with the second dose of week 8 of Fox Farms nutrients plus Cal-Mag.
In soil.
All other plants look fine.
I had done my FF sledgehammer flush on Sunday morning per directions without issue.
All plants get 16 fluid ounces of water/nutes every other day. PH 6.5.

Tomorrow was planning on watering with plain ph’ed water. Then Monday week 9 of FF nutes.

Pics below:

looks like too much nitrogen


And it’s locking out calcium.
Check for pests too just in case. Hope not though.


Signs of Nitrogen Toxicity

Dark green leaves and foliage

  • Leaf tips may turn down, without signs of overwatering.
  • You may notice yellowing on the affected leaves or other signs of nutrient deficiencies as time goes on
  • Nitrogen toxicity is often but not always accompanied by nutrient burn
  • The Claw often seems random, affecting leaves here and there
  • Heat and pH problems will make the clawing worse, as they stress out the plant and lower her defenses, and cause her to drink more water (and uptake more N)
  • As time goes on, the claw leaves will eventually start turning yellow, getting spots, and dying


I just checked for pests… All good there.

What should I do to correct?

Would watering with ph 6.5 water for a couple days help or…?

While I was waiting on another tent to be delivered… I had for a few days 9 plants under 3x 1200w leds about 20 inches from tops. Temps occasionally got over 81F from the extra light.

Just built and transferred the three autos with nice buds into their own tent… These were the three that had hermed from an exposed led on my humidifier when tge electrical tape failed to stick.

Each tent is down to two leds now.


That should help.
At least reduce the amount of nutes until it recovers.
Sometimes you can get a single plant that is more sensitive than others.


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Thank you both for the tips… I will just water, I use distilled water, ph’d at 6.5 for a few days then start tye week 9 nutes at half the listed amounts.

Wow this is such a bummer… Really caught me off guard.


You won’t need to ph distilled water. Just pour it in. It’s a true neutral ph and will take on the ph of your soil.


Sorry to hop on your post but if its okay I also need some help with this issue

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She’s finishing up and pulling all the mobile nutrients out of the leaves.
Have you looked at the trichomes to see if shes ready?


Haven’t checked trichomes yet but I know she needs another 2 weeks maybe a little less @Spiney_norman


You should check. Especially if you plan to flush before you chop it.
Sometimes they finish early, tho not often.
Other possibilities is under feeding or ph is off and locking out nutrients are two common issues.


Agree with above. Won’t be able to correct it due to her only needing another week or two. Have to let her ride.


If you start your own topic it would help out a bit as well & there won’t be any confusion… I would definitely check them trichs though…


When looking at trichs when is the best time to harvest, I want a kind of narcotic couch lock effect, this strain is also purple kush @BobbyDigital @LoCoRock @Spiney_norman



Awesome… Thank you! That will save time.

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What kind of nutes u using?