Help with pollen flower granules

From a fellow grower: I need help. I have an abundant concentration of pollen flower granule (small liquid) lightly drowning in its Oil(s). What another ingredient will solidify concentrate? > a gelation, a supplemental lipid? (pouring excess off?)

It may just need to cool down. I’m thinking maybe English isn’t their first language, I’m a little confused…but that’s an easy feat. If you’re referring to kief as pollen, you shouldn’t. They are very different things. You wouldn’t want to smoke pollen. The word ‘concentrate’ makes me think you’ve collected kief, and the oil you’re seeing is it just melting at room temperature. If you put it in the fridge, it’ll firm up. Maybe they can join the forum and post some pictures, get us all on the same page? :v:


Yes, your are right. I collected kief. I am new, not knowing what to do with it. I’d prefer something solid at room temperature. Kief is harder for me to work. I need more study. Suggestions welcome.

Sprinkle the keif in a joint or on top of a bowl. Works like a charm

@Ron2 what is kief? You can smoke it?.. wow lm sure new to a bunch!..

Cold press the Kief into small bricks

Kief is the heads of the trichomes, straight goodies. You can literally do anything with it. I can be smoked as is, like @HornHead said. It can be used to make budder, which can then be used in edibles. You can press it, breaking those trichome heads open, and rub it into hash in your hands, even. The sky’s the limit.

Oooh, you should make moon rocks!


Or use a pollen press to make pucks of smokable hash.


What kind of liquid?