Help with Ph please

Some of my girls have more browning leaves than they should. I checked the Ph today and it was hovering around 5.5. Easiest and safest way to get it back up? 5 plants total (3 autos, 2 photos) in three gallon pots. 60 days since planted. Will baking soda work and if so how much? Any info would be appreciated.

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Couple questions
What are they growing in?
How did you test the pH?

Growing in FFOF soil and plastic pots (3 Gallon). Tested with a probe type tester.

Another thought would be Hydrogen Peroxide

Sorry to say but that meter will be way off true levels. A pen type is much more accurate. A necessary investment.


Any recommendations on type or brand?

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Most like apera. I use this.

Cap has a sponge for the holding solution.


When I check the Ph I stick the probe about half way into the pot to get a reading. With a meter like this how do you check the ph of the soil?


You check water before going in. You also check runoff. Can do a slurry test also. If in good it usually stays good.

So here is the good news.
Ocean Forest is a good soil and until your meter arrives all you need to do is water with Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. It should arrest any pH issues in the soil. Dont feed anything, just water.
At 60 days the soil should still have enough food.
In the mean time read a few threads on using a pH meter.
And if you can swing it a PPM meter as well.


This article actually made sense to me. It is a good place to start

Taking PPM (parts per million or TDS total dissolved solids) go hand in hand with pH readings. Pick one up on amazon for $15 - 20.

Do you have pH Up and Down. You will need them once you determine the pH or the soil and if you will be using salt based nutrients.


Thanks to all here. I did a little experiment. Checked distilled water, 7.0. All is good right? Then added baking soda the the same water. Ph meter then read lower. That makes no sense , right? Then distilled water and added vinegar. No change in ph. Makes no sense to me. New PH meter has been ordered.


Curious what the pH of just the vinegar is. I am not sure how a probe reacts in soil. A pen is much better.

While the pH of distilled water should be 7.0, it will drift downward if exposed to air. Added to that is that any affordable pH meter wont test accurately any water with less than 100 PPM (parts per million) and distilled and reverse osmosis water both are normally under 10 ppm. Some meters will give a reading, some will just bounce around on the readings. But any pH reading cant be trusted in distilled water.
Now dont worry about the distilled drift and using it for plants. Because the parts per million are so low any drift is a non issue. As soon as you put distilled into the dirt it becomes the pH of the soil because it does not really have its own due to its lack of minerals.


Still isnt very acurate.

1:1 soil slurry. Any liquid poured into a pot should be phd based on grow method. Soil, for example, 6.5-6.8 ph. You will also want to track your runoff ph and tds to identify issues and monitor nutrient consumptiin

I just stuck the probe in the bottle of the apple cider vinegar I used for the test. 6.4 was the reading

This is a lot cheaper than the Apera 20. Is it less accurate?