Help with ph issues


my ladies are having some issues. the run off is running about 4 and was thinking I need to flush. I dont have a very good ph meter for the soil-
and it shows ph of 7 in the soil.
any suggestions on flushing. They are in 5 gallon buckets so I am assuming I need to flush with 15 gallons of ph correct water? Or do I flush until the run off is at the correct ph. I am concerned about the effects of too much water. thanks for any suggestions


here is a visual


Before you take any steps, I would encourage you to find a way to double check both of your meters (soil and your normal PH meter). Run off and soil PH a aren’t necessarily going to be the same but a swing if 3 from 4 in your soil to 7 on your run off seems a little drastic.

Your pics look like your root zone PH is closer to 7 than it is 4. Once you confirm this, you don’t necessarily need to flush, just water with a little lower PH for a little while like a 6 till your run off comes down a little.

If your at a 4 you probably need to flush


If you do have to flush, here’s a thought, even if you run 5, 10, or 15 times the amount of water through there, try and do it in less than 20 minutes, that way your not dumping water through your medium for extended periods of time


Soil ph meters are notoriously inaccurate. The best way is to make a slurry of your soil with distilled water and measure the ph with a CALIBRATED ph meter.

Flushing is typically 3 times the pot volume. If you do, you should capture the tds value of the last quart or so along with the ph.


@Myfriendis410 is 100 % on point about those meters they will definitely lead you in the weong direction and are useless to read run off ph
I suggest you invest in a inexpensive digital ph meter
Will be 100% better than that one @hippy4life
@TDubWilly also has guven good advice
Well done fellas :+1:
Have you been feeding @hippy4life


i have been checking the run off with the ph drops so I am thinking that is more accurate then the probe. any suggestions on a digital meter? there is a ton out there


Let me see what i dig up
For you
Your in the states right so Amazon is a option ?


Apera makes a pretty good line. Mine is the PH20 I think. Around $45.


yes I use amazon


yes been feeding once a week


you can get a decent ph meter for about what @Myfriendis410 stated but if cost is a issue the yellow ph meters work too
Fir abot 15$ just seach ph meters
Ok feeding once a week looks like your getting some yellow tips in your leaves
You may want to pick up a tds meter as well
You may have have nute build up if ph is off in soil stop feeding until you get ph worked out @hippy4life
Im a Little busy now but if you want to post a link fir the meter your looking at we can give you our advice
I have the 15$ meter and a middle of the road meter
I now use a extech ph meter but it was about 300$ they do make cheaper ones tho
If you can afford the 45$ youll get a meter that will serve you well for years
Im outta likes boys hahaha


looking at this one. Is it good?


That will serve you well @hippy4life and make your life much easier
Good choice


Yes that’s a very popular one @hippy4life. Alot of people use that here including myself.


so that still leaves me without anything to check the soil. would it be safe to say if I measure the ph of the water going in and then the water going out I will have an accurate ph?


Yes, it will tell you what your soil(root zone) pH is at @hippy4life. It can help you determine pH-in changes to get your soil right and can help show you if you need to flush as well.


The TDS meter will show the amount of nutes in your soil and really help you determine feeding/flushing.


so ordering ph meter and tds meter, now to find demineralized water. Is there a trick to checking tds without demineralized water?


It will usually come with a calibration fluid. Some manufacturers say don’t use demineralized water.