Help with nutrients

Looking for advise on giving my autos nutrients both in veg stage and flower . Something organic that wont require me to flush . Im a newb so trying to keep it simple but with good results . Any help greatly appreciated.

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Most people around here say Jacks is simple, cost effective, good stuff all around. I’m using dyna grow, not organic but there’s no flushing involved. Based on the experienced growers recommending jacks on here consistently if I was going to switch that’s where I’d go for sure.

Ty and im definitely gonna do some research

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Yep Jacks is kicking it. Jacks did commercial growing before they sold to us home growers. So they have the recipe dialed in.

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What’s your grow medium?

Black gold soil

Is dyna grow both good for veg and flower ?

Hmm not great since it has time release fertilizer and probably lots of nitrogen, hmm if you want to go pure organic fert with no flush Down to Earth has a good 4-8-4 ,you won’t want to give your girls anything for the first 3 weeks and only about 2 tablespoon per pot on week 4 and 6 and adjust to any deficiencies that arise

The dyna gro foliage pro is good for veg and dyna gro bloom is good for flower BUT you really should flush i 1-2 weeks from harvest because it’s salt based also dont forget to get 10% runoff per water

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It treated me well in veg, and my plants are happy in flower! I am running foliage pro, mag pro, bloom, and protekt. Last dose of foliage pro given yesterday to that slow sativa. she gets bloom stuff next go. Plants are seven weeks from sprout.


This is definitely accurate. I thought we were talking flush like ff trio called for flushes.

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Ty . Im learning a great deal from everyone here . Im just learning and really wanna soak up as much info as i can . Again ty all .


There’s a good amount in the 20$ size bottles by the way. I used maybe a 1/4 of my foliage pro and I’m done with it this run on seven plants.

What is a good medium to use . Ive heard ocean forest is really good but also can burn your plants . Ive been thinking of making a supersoil , but from what ive read you should let supersoil sit 1yr+ for it to reach full potential

Tops of some of my babies

Im gonna buy it and check it out . Right now im using meigs formula 2 bloom booster . Ever hear of it

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I have not…before you buy anything. A lot of much more experienced growers than myself are saying jacks is the way to go. But I’m not disappointed at all with my dyna grow plants.

Person at grow store swears by it. Says its better than ff

Just get coco coir and mix in 30% perlite that way you can control nutes from start to finish using ppm

Any coco coir. Ive only seenbit brick form where you add water and it expands