Help with Nutrients on seedling

Hi all I was getting ready to start first grow and not clear on use of nutrients. after first planting the seed should I use some type of fertilizer and if so what? Is there a place to learn more on using and what to use through out the grow? If someone could steer me in the right direction would greatly appreciate it.

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Seedlings have all the nutrients they need in the cotyledon leaves.

When you start feeding will depend on what you are using for soil. Most decent cannabis soils require no nutes for approximately 4 weeks. What soil (or coco) are you using?

When you do need nutrients you should use a balanced cannabis product like Jack’s or the Fox Farm Trio.


Canna bio terra plus

I’m not familiar with this soil (or coco) and how long it might be good for. It appears to be organic. Do you wish to stay organic?

There are a lot of smart growers here that can help you better than I can.

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Seeds do just fine in a solo with basic soil. When transplant is when typically start a nutrient regimen.

Great checklist to make life easier for all.

Do you have trouble transplanting from a Solo? I worry about the root ball breaking up when removing it. I’ve been using 42mm peat pods and transplanting pretty quickly.

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Nah. Letem grow some leaves…can cut the solo like some do. I just gently squeeze the cup and dump the plant in my hand and drop in. Cannabis is a hardy plant. Just be gentle.

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I think I’d like Solos because the roots grow out of the pods in about a week. I’d like to keep them in the dome a little longer – easier to maintain consistent enviro.

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Hi this what i do after i have popped my seeds and there ready for planting now this is good if ur using coco or soil now depending on how many plants ur doing .say if if ur doing five seeds bow get solo cups fill each cup a little bit over half way then tip that soil or coco into a clean container now get worm castings and do the same and put it into the same container now mix it all together you can add two teaspoons of microbes like great white or one of the other products once u fill ur cups to the top lightly water the soil or coco but make sure u have put some small holes in the bottom of the cups then when ur seeds have popped plant them in the cups but dont plant them to deep ,now the worm castings will not burn ur seedlings

And when u do ur pots u want to mix worm castings and good organic compost and live worms in ur soil and don’t forget to mix perlite in to ur soil aswell