Help with nutes and defoliation

I am at day 40 from sprout on this gscx auto flower in dwc, was needing some help with my next nutrient change. I use the gh flora micro, grow and bloom, calmag…I also have liquid koolbloom and floralicious plus. My question is when should I start liquid koolbloom and should I drop floragro…what is a good ppm to stay around for this strain…also is it ok to defoliate and cut some smaller branches that aren’t going to amount to anything…I’ve don’t lst like crazy with this thing and it still looks way to bushy to me


Suggest ~1,000 PPM. There are very few strain specific requirements for feeding. Cannabis is cannabis.

You can dial back the Floragrow after a couple more weeks. The nitrogen is very important at this point, as cannabis at this stage is growing the most rapidly. Nitrogen is important throughout the grow.

The proper thing to manage with LST is airflow and light penetration. If you have those, they are golden. Trim if the foliage starts becoming crowded. Early flower experiences the most rapid grow of a cannabis plant’s life. As you are in early flower, you will probably have to do some trimming a couple of times.

Thanks! Is it ok to cut smaller branches that’s stealing energy? And should I start using the liquid koolbloom?

It is…