Help with nitrogen deficiency

So first off it’s an auto flower in coco. I amended the soil and I put in the necessary amount of nitrogen. (Same as first grow no issues) and since I’ve noticed this I’ve added more (bat guano, worm castings)and I even thought I added too much. I water 6.5 and they get the cal mag and some molasses. Do you think I should make a new pot with fresh soil and transplant? What should I do. Please help! The leafs are still yellowing

You are referring to the bottom leaves?

A nitrogen deficiency would show throughout the entire plant and not just the lower leaves. It is normal for bottom leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant matures.


Transplanting an auto at this growth stage wouldn’t be good. You PH is at the top of the scale for coco. I grow in both mediums and shoot for 5.7-6.0 for coco :love_you_gesture:


Plant looks fine, remove bottom two leaves and keep on growing. You do not have an N def.