Help with new grow looking for tips

Any good tips to help with the start of a grow would be greatly appreciated. I’m in a 5 gallon grow bag with ffof soil and fox farm nutes liquid and powder.

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Water only enough to keep them alive - make sure not to overfeed, and make sure you have enough light. Those along with investing in tds and a quality ph pen would be the best advice I could give. Start a grow journal and ask any and all questions you might have and include good pics. Everyone here will get you or keep you sorted :+1::ok_hand: good luck wishing you the best


Don’t forget to follow the fox farms flush schedule.

You shouldn’t need to feed until your second month if you’re in ffof. If you’re using distilled/ro/rainwater be prepared to add calcium and or magnesium.


Start seedlings in solo cups helps them establish roots better for faster growth

All good advice. I would add to start your seeds in a medium that isn’t amended with nutrients. Something like coco or peat. Not a fan of the peat pellets. Miracle Gro has some but be careful as some of those products have had nutes added. (The plant doesn’t need nutes for the first two weeks and fertilizers can retard or kill the plant)

Overfeeding was a big problem for me when I first started growing, just stick to what the bottle says and when in soil plan at least one flush before moving into bloom to knock buildup out of the soil.

I was in your shoes only 2.5 years ago, I’ve learned a lot and built my grow out piece by piece. Just take it slow and ask lots of questions. You will make mistakes… that is okay, it is part of the process.

I also recommend keeping grow logs, even if you don’t post them here they give you a great morale boost when you are feeling down about the grow.

Just to give you an idea… first photo… my first plant… absolute trash… second picture, my last harvest… my shit is on point.

Good Luck!

Notice the terrible clawing from nitrogen overfeeding, my first grow, zero experience

My last grow, current grow is just now moving to bloom

Do lots of reading and ask for clarification on anything there’s a chance you don’t fully understand. Be patient and keep it simple, and I think you will be fine.

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Thank you all for the advice

I’m at 1 and a half months I’ve topped twice my stem is very thick how can I get it to really blow up?