Help with my white widow outdoors

I started my plant in the little storage box and after 2 days my plant looks green but soft with a red stem. 60339791_336779297035777_3443742367486574592_n

I became scare to loose one because it was soft then I brought my plant outside the temperature is around 20 to 25 °C plus I feed twice a day with water in spray without nutrient. My soil is from Walmart then I pretty sure isn’t the best but if you know the brand better or compost so we can buy in the shop not online.

I will change my soil when transplanting happen to a bigger container and with better soil.

This is my plant outside after 2 days from the seeding.
it still soft and I need help with nutrient I should give it and any tips for outdoor grow for a white widow?
Someone told me this soil + perite is good

im beginner :slight_smile:

Soil looks overly wet. They don’t need much water at this point. Make sure you give it time to dry out between watering

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No nutes right now. The soil you have it in has time released nutes in it. Highly recommend you do your homework and get a marijuana friendly soil for the rest of its life