Help with my sour diesel autos

There are 4 sour diesel autos in the pictures. They are 7 weeks old today from sprout. 2 days ago I noticed the leaves starting to turn yellow. Is it just time for them to start turning yellow or do I have a problem? I moved them to the tent to take the pics. They are normally under a 600w hps.

3 gal pot
ff happy frog
following ff suggested nutes schedule but cut in half

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Welcome. My first thoughts looking at the pictures. The plant is feeding off of itself. Plant looks hungry. I would up the NPK. Good luck nice plant.


Yeah they look a bit hungry, up the feed a bit.


This support ticket helps people help you. Please copy and paste this and fill it out the best you can. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

What strain are you growing?

How many days ago did the plant sprout?

If applicable, how many days since initiating flowering (ie. going to 12/12 day/night light cycle)

Are you using pots or hydroponics?

If pots, what soil/substrate are you using and what is the brand?

What size pots are you using, how often do you water and how do you determine when to water:

What do you pH the water/nutrient solution to before watering?

What nutrients are being used, if any?

What is strength of nutrient mix in ppm or dosage, if any?

What are the pH and ppms of runoff?

If hydroponics, what size is the reservoir?

How often do you change the water?

What nutrients are being used, if any?

What is strength of nutrient mix in ppm or dosage?

What is the pH and ppms of the reservoir solution?

Is the grow Indoor or Outdoor?

What size is the grow space (room/tent)?

What type and size light system are you using?

What height is the light from the top of the plants?

What are the day and nighttime temps?

What is the day and nighttime humidity?

What type of ventilation system are you using?

Do you use a A/C, Humidifier, and/or De-humidifier?

Do you use CO2?

Any other info you think is pertinent:

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I also have 4 sour diesel autos also and mine are about 7 weeks old. I use the ocean forest soil and FF nutrients but I use full strength

Sorry. 1 of those is a Black Domina still in veg

Just curious as I have seen it before but what’s the point of using the FF bites at 1/2 strength? I feed once a week at the recommended strengths

This is my first go at growing anything, so I was just following the instructions I have read for the nutes. How tall are your plants?