Help with my plant

Someone please help


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Can u please just diagnose my plant through the pictures it’s a out door plant and the humidity in Florida fluctuates during the day all the time. I have not used any nutrients. I just really hope I can save it. Please help

I think you are panicking for nothing. It’s an outdoor plant which gets exposed to the elements. I believe what you are seeing is water damage.

The plant overall looks fine.

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Ok thanks

I agree with AAA over all your plants look pretty good. I would go ahead and Transplant in to a 5 gallon fabric pot. Give it a week or so and see how it responds after transplant. Good luck

Thank you, believe it or not I just transplanted it to that pot a couple of hours ago. I have 5 gallon fabric pots on the way and they should be here Thursday. I hope the roots grow around the pot in that time

I personally don’t like to transplant a bunch of times I go from seedlings cups to my 5 or 7 gallon pots and that’s where they stay till I harvest.

You want to transplant the fewest amount of times possible. Very high stress for a plant to transplant. If you do, use some fish emulsion to help prevent shock.

Today was my first time transplanting since a seed. My 5 gallon fabric pots will be at my house on Thursday. Should I wait a month or 2 before or???

As long as you are gentle and don’t damage roots there is no reason you can’t pot up multiple times. In fact I’ve seen more damaged plants watered in an oversized pot and left to steep in that wet pot until drowning. I size my media volume to the plant’s canopy.

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You may have drainage issues from the looks of your pot and size of plant. But i agree with previous posts, climate changes vary huge in Florida outdoors, wouldn’t worry too too much. Looks decent :sunglasses:

I hope maybe this bud just got me paranoid​:joy::skull: I just want to make sure this plant don’t die I put lots of time into it :man_shrugging:t3:

How’s the grow going @Floridabud

Want some pics?

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Looks like your plants are doing fine. I personally would try to fill the pots up within an inch of the top looks like you got a five gallon pot but only using two and a half gallon.cheating your plants 0ut of room for roots to expand. Bigger pots bigger plants. Good luck

Glad to see you went with the smart pots… good looking girls overall

I ran out of soil and I had to plant all 5 so​:man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3: I still don’t know the sex of the small plants