Help with my First grow pls

Strain: Na

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
Soil in pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
Indoor 600w led

Temps; Day, Night
Nights- 70s

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
AC and dehumidifier

Co2; Yes, No

Soo my seeds (2 of same strain 1diff but both unknown) popped June 7th and were planted into Solo cups. After about a week and a half transplanted into 3g pots were they’ll stay. So I’m going into the end of week 4 and they haven’t grown much. This is my first time grow so much needed help would be appreciated. My current setup is a VIVOSUN 36"x20"x62" tent w/ 300w led grow light. I don’t want to use any additives (Bloom and ECT) just straight water


Welcome to the forum. Unless your soil has every thing that plant will need you won’t get much from the grow. Are your seedlings autos or photo? If they are photos that 3 gal pot isn’t going to be big enough. What kind of soil are you growing in?


Your plants need nutrients just as we do to grow big. If $ is problem there are some real good nutes out there that arent that expensive like GH nutes.


What do u mean by additives? Unless ur doing a kind soil grow ur prolly using up the nutrients in the medium also if u are not phing out the water ur giving them they wont grow much.


So they are bag seed and their sex is unknown correct,
What soil did you use? From the yard? A bag of soil from the store? A soil you Made yourself? This detail is pretty important.
Like laurap Sasquatch and killadruid mentioned they will need enough NPK and the secondary nutrients and the micro nutrients in order to survive and thrive as well as good lighting and watering practices.
There are many low cost ways with things you may use around the house such as your own urine for nitrogen, banana teas for phosphorus and wood ash for potassium and so on in order to provide them with those NPK needs. Eggs shells for calcium. Epsom salt for magnesium and sulfur and so on.
They also require a range of humidity to thrive and that changes from seedling to vegetative to flowering.
If your using good soil that contains all the needed nutrients than you can get by with just watering them but you really want to know what the water feeds Ph is going in.

Sometimes (usually) after transplant into a bigger container the plant will direct is energy for awhile in increasing root mass and the top side branching and upward growth will be very slow until the plant decides to redirect the energy towards top growth.

Anyway if you would like additional help please provide additional details on your set up and pics etc.


Also your pot size at 3 gallons can work through to harvest but you’ll want to change lighting to 12/12 to trigger flowering fairly early in Vegetative stage once top growth picks up or you may have problems with that size pot and the root mass. Is the container plastic, fabric, clay? Can make a difference too.


Well said @Skydiver

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Yes this is a budget build so if I could use house hold ingredients for the nutrients that’d be way better. The gender and if Auto or photo is a big ??. I had bought some weed and saved the seeds. I’ll add pics of the bag of soil and also the water I use (lifewtr)

Before you get any further along. There are a few necessities that you HAVE TO HAVE to grow weed.

#1 You need a PH meter and TDS meter. You can find these on Amazon for 10 bucks a piece. And this isn’t really an option.

#2 Base Nutrients. Whether it be Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, or something along those lines. Your plant will need these to grow. Your medium, even if it’s hot, will eventually run out of nutrients.

What soil are you in?

Yea I’m going to need to. It’s like a potting mix that my mom bought from sams.

I’m scared that I stunted the growth…

Is there an ingredient label or list anywhere on the bag? Can you take a picture of it and post it on here

Nevermind, all I ready want to know is if the bag says time release anywhere.

To be honest, that dirt is super hot, and your more then likely going to have problem from start to finish with it.
What’s cool is that your using bag seed instead of a 30 dollar seed. I would suggest you do some reading around here and ask all the questions you can. Lots of awesome people here that will always help ya out.

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I actually did post a pic of the ingredients in one of the previous posts. But it says it has a wetting agent.

What do you mean the soil is hot?

And thanks much appreciated. I’ll post pics of the plants when I get home

This is the NPK

But the bag also states it has slow release agents. That can make things a bit unpredictable


I would get gh nutes on amazon even a pint size kit and use that for a base nutrients I would let them grow in that soil till I start seeing signs of deficiencies then I would start to add nutrients at half strength. Only thing I would recomend along with a ppm meter and ph meter for under 100$ u could have everything for ur grow nutrient wise. Growing decent weed isnt going to be cheap at first. Ur second and 3rd grow where u really start to make out on it all. But like stated above there are ways to grow using household ingredients.


Polymer fin coated wtf

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@Skydiver Yeah I seen that. Blow up the whole thing and read it lol

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Is that water bottled you buy at the store or do you have a filter from them that you run the tap water through?
If your buying plastic water containers you’ll spend a lot just on the water. Kinda kicks the budget grow up in costs.


Yea I buy it from the store. But I’m looking for a ro filter

When you get your Ph and Ppm meter check you tap water as it may work just fine until you get an RO set up

So these are my 3 plants. They’re going into the 4week. I’m going to start giving nutrients Tuesday. As you can see one plant has brown leaves on the bottom think it’s from lack of nutrients or bc it gets too hot