Help with my first clone

This is a 3 day old Amnesia Haze clone. I used aloe vera as a rooting gel and the “plastic bag” technique. Please let me know if I took a large enough branch. The branch is from the bottom area of the mother.

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@AMUSED2DEATH Branch looks fine. Did you use a rooting hormone too or just Aloe?

Plastic bag works well… keep that rh high.


Just dipped it in an aloe branch, no additional rooting hormone.

@AMUSED2DEATH Ok. So was there any root development before you put it in the soil?

no I cut the stem cleared the fan leaves dipped it into aloe stem and stuck it in the soil. I am using a technique I saw on youtube. In the video he did it this way and was 12 for 12…

Sounds good. I’ve never used that technique but hey, let’s see what happens… :wink::+1:

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Using methods you are familar with, how long does it take from cutting day to 5 leafed seedling?

In my experience it can take a variant amount of time. Depends on the strain and aggressiveness of the plant. I would say an average would be 2 weeks until soil.

I take the cuts and shave off the epidural layer of the stalk. After that I dip into a rooting hormone and then suspend in water. I’ll wait a couple days until I see root formation (little white bumps/extensions on the stalk) then transplant to the soil/medium/dwc.