Help with my do si does

Ok first off i dont usually let my plants get this tall. It would not slow down. I even top it and it still took off. Only veg grow 7 weeks it was in the lights. Now been in bud room 3 or 4 weeks r so and it want slow down. Almost looks like its constantly foxtailing. Smells good and sticky. Ok lets go

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What kind of lights are you using?

What do you need help with? I saw no question in your opening.

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Spyder farmer 5000

Just an unusual plant growth

Ya its got alot of stretch but its stacking up really good, might just be a tall lanky one

I just want it to stop growing and start fatning up

Lol, you are gonna need a bigger boat

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I mean, if you’re saying she’s been in there for 3 to 4 weeks, then she’s definitely gonna start to slow down growing vertically and start to focusing on stacking up. But, since she’s a thin lady right now, expect her to be in flowering for at least 7-8 weeks after this, she’s really showing her sativa side. Be patient and if it really gets bad, supercropping is your last resort.

What is supercropping

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Lower leaf fade is common as the plant matures and the Mobil nutrients move to where their needed. Middle and upper yellowing of leaves is generally a concern. What’s your run off PH and PPMs :love_you_gesture:

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Super cropping is gently massaging/crushing the stalk of the taller bits, to the point that you can literally “bend” the stalk so that it makes it be 90* degrees or more but still get nutes to the bud
This is only an explanation, look up super cropping weed for real instructions