Help with my decisions

A question from a fellow grower:

I am still torn on a few decisions that I have to make.

  • I decided to use a soil mixture to start out vs hydroponics due to the start up cost of course. *I want to find the best mixture that will be super successful with my plants.

-I decided to purchase air pruning pots to allow my plants roots to grow more freely.

-I also decided to use “Humboldt County” (True Humboldt) nutrients.

Any suggestions?

Hi, The start up costs are cheaper and growing in soil is a good way to start.If you make a mistake the soil is more forgiving then when you think your ready you can go to hydro. I am on grow 6 not quite ready for hydro yet but I will be.I use Dutch Pro light mix it’s a soilless soil.

Take care.


Sounds great !! strain you are growing ?? Fox Farms Ocean soil is a very good soil. Light’s using ?