Help with my alien og

I have two Alien OG plants in 25 gallon pots. I started them from clones. They have been in the pots for 17 weeks outdoor Ventura county. I used Fox Farm ocean Forest organic soil with added Amendments layered into the soil for roots to hit as they grew. I added time released organic fertilizer to help with amending soil as time goes on. Also been feeding with worm tea and I treated with BT and Captain Jack’s for pests. I think I over fertilized a few weeks back and and then flushed it and overwatered. (Kinda different growing in pots. And it was so so hot for a while and I didn’t want them to dry out Hence over-watering.)So then I back off for the last 4 weeks. Slowed down on the watering and thought I was going to be all right. Flowers were looking really good. Now I’m not so sure.
So now basically my plants seem stunted definitely in flowering phase but I don’t know how long it’s supposed to go (how many weeks in flowering stage for this strain outdoor) because it’s Alien OG and it’s acting weird since the get-go, pre-flowering super early so I’m not sure how long it has actually been in the real flowering stage. now the buds are not developing anymore and some are falling off in my hand. Leaves are rusting, turning yellow and falling off. The whole plant seems yellowish. I’m afraid to add nutrients because I’m not sure exactly and what phase I am in and want to have enough time to flush if they harvest a little early. I was expecting October but it looks like they’re going to be dead in a couple weeks. Help sorry for the long post but I’m trying to give you all the information.

You are overwatering… not sure you can turn things around at this point… :thinking:

Hard to say… they look a lil cooked also…
Hard to say my friend … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Also what is your runoff , ppm and ph… that is going to be the main issue , butt overwatering is what started it , I believe … :wink:

Sorry I’m new to this. I don’t know my pH or my ppm. July was supper hot. At least 110-117 for about 10 days.and 100ish for a couple weeks. I will try to figure that out pH ppm tomorrow. Do you suggest feeding it some nutrients at this point? Or have any suggestions on what I might do? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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I dont think feeding her now would to a trick, I believe you can stop feeding her at this point. Anyway she is about to be ready… so its not ok to feed her if you want to have a pure smoke without any nutrients