Help with low stress training

Hi I am nervous about doing the low stress training. Not sure exactly what to do. I am attaching 3 pics of each girl and their names maybe you can tell me where and how on each. Your more than welcome to use my pics and draw on the points and directions to bend etc. I’ve watched videos but they all show plants with way more leaves and not tall and skinny like mine.

First is Mary (Amnesia Haze)

Second is Berry (Blueberry)

Third is Aurora (Northern Lights)

Thank you I read all that and have watched videos.

You can get binder clips to attach to your cloth pot and it gives you loops to tie to. Then use some bendable garden ties and you can bend the plant over.



Man your an organized one love the big ol name tags in case they meet new plants, good idea. LoL joking aside congrats on the venture hope you knock it outta the park.:+1:

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:joy: Thank you. Yeah got all their strain info and everything too. My OCD gets a little carried away sometimes lol.


dont worry yourself too much about LST’n them… just dont do it to the point they snap but even if they do you can usually save them without too many issues… i bend mine down all over the place and they will reward you with explosive growth…

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Here’s my small ones

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And turn into this


This probably a silly question. But is LST necessary? What if I have lights shining from the sides also?

The best way for me to tackle this is to simply think of ‘bending’ the branches. You want the plant to start as many new shoots as it can. These will be the areas for your buds to grow.
I have never topped or cut a plant only trained branches and have been very happy come harvest.
@Marie73 I will post a photo later of our last outdoor. No topping, f-ing ect. I counted over 18 colas the other day. Plants bounce back from training branches alot faster than they do to any cutting or slicing :wink:

side lighting isn’t all that and you’ll find few ppl that use it. You don’t have to lst it’s up to you, don’t have hen you want to or feel comfortable

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LST is just for height control you don’t have too. Are you topping too

Lst is to get the most out of your plant & height control as well while indoors . A plant that is SCRoG’d is gonna blow the doors off of the same plant straight vertical. You are trying to get all you can out of artificial light.


agreed… i use side lights as well but its just for suplimental lighting and spectrums… doesnt really do much for adding size or yeild… i LST eveeything and have had great results with it… when you divert the top down the plant will start rushing the buttom growth to become the new tops and they all compete for it which leads to explosive growth into a bush with many tops vs a single top cola plant…


They are auto’s I don’t plan to top. I don’t think they will get very tall by what I read about their strains.

i def wouldnt top autos and do the LST’n early… autos can be very unpredictable in size and growth rates among other things… i have had many LST’d autos soar past 4 -> 5 ft + in 3 gal grow bags so try to plan for that flexability in your grow space if possible.

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I always like doin lst too cause i dont have alot of height to play with. And new growth that can get string or whatever around it gets tied down and keep opening the center and i keep defoliating. This strain is goldleaf and i switched the light cycle 8 days ago.

this was weeks ago. Just an example.