Help with lighting questions

@dbrn32 so ive got a 4×4 tent with 1 auto in it, ive done lst to the auto so its a lil bush, i have a spider farmer sf1000 and mars hydro ts1000- by my calculations thats is an actual power draw of 246 watts…is this enough? i have 1 of those cheap Amazon blurples that claims 600watts(110watts actual power draw) should i add that in there

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If you’re looking to maximize productivity of a 4x4 you will be short even adding the third light. So i would definitely add it once plant(s) are large environments to justify.

If you plan on sticking with growing i would develop a plan to get into bigger light down the road.


yea i def am looking into an upgrade of lighting and ventilation…just trying to do with what i have rn, ive done made up my mind after a bunch of reading on here- when i make a purchase it will def be hlg…maybe a 550?


heres how shes looking today


@dbrn32 id also like to ask how i should place my lights, like should the be kinda clustered together towards the middke or spread out

I would for sure check out ChilLED Tech as well. I own 3 HLG’s and they are nice lights. I X3 from ChilLED Tech has much better footprint and covers my 4x2 area in all areas.

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Arrange them so that your light intensity is as close to equal across your canopy. Probably spread out at least a little.

Hlg has good products. I would keep an open mind unti you’re ready to purchase. Lots of new products coming out all the time.


Quick question. Do you know if PLC is still operating? I tried going to site and was told account is suspended. Just curious

I seen posts on ig yesterday that mentioned this. I’m not really sure, but I have gg on a few social media platforms. I will keep an eye out to see whats up.

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Hey first let me say she’s looking pretty good. So congrats on that. A few little things, don’t know what nutes you are feeding but she looks hungry, needs some nitrogen, maybe that’s reasoning for this yellow leaves at bottom. On that same note those yellow take them off they are already dying or dead, and are not helping you right now. Also that will help improve so air flow and help with light penetration. But overall good job so far. Also I have a 4x4 tent, have the HLG 300 not enough $ for the bigger model, I run it with a viparspec xs-1500 to cover the space, when I water every few day I rotate my plants around so there are get good light and good DLI consistently, keep up the good work, and happy growing

much appreciated, im using ff nutes- see my issue is this dang strain(gg4 auto) eats up all the nutes before she even drys out so im having to feed every watering and its apparently not enough, i feed between 1400-1700 ppm each time going in and coming out is around 18-1900…any help here?

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Switch to Jacks :rofl:

Seriously ALOT more cost effective.

But hows your feed level compared to the chart?

im feeding what the chart is telling me to feed as far as ppm except im having to feed every time
p.s. may make the switch in the future but rn doing with what i have

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