Help with lighting! Please

Ok so i only grow autos and strictly 12 12 from seed with 2 x 400 watt hps as many here may know! I have bought green crack and bakerstreet feminized (photo not autoflower plants) seeds so i can begin some mother plants! Heres the question, can i switch to my metal halide bulbs and run the lights at 15 hours a day and still have successful flowering on my autos? I know my normal photo plants will be fine at 15 hours under metal halide but i have almost 10 og kush autos i want to make sure finish ok with the others that are vegging! .anyone done or experience this please comment away

How old are the OG Kush?

I ran autos seed to harvest at 20/6. I don’t think there would be an impact, but have never tried increasing an autos day/night schedule.


You should be fine

start increasing the time now,
add an extra hour of lights on, wait 2 days and add another hour…
if u phase them in it might help the transition…???

i’d go up to 16/8, like HornHead said, i think u will be fine.!!

The og kush are now 2 weeks old

But will the metal halide still flower the autos? Im using hps right now but would like to flower my autos and veg my normal photos lol

@dbrn32 might need your suggestion on this one pal!

@Kroncaddycustoms I Have grown hundreds of auto including the OG Kush highly recommend the last light the better the more sleep they get the bigger they get it I’ve done 24 hours straight with him I’ve done 16 hours on eight hours off test results I’ve had to have been under 12 on 12 off so you should be fine vegging with them under your current schedule but when you go in the flower if they’re not done do not hesitate because they will love it

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image here are some that took 88 days from seed to harvest under 12/12

I seem to have great luck with 12 12 straight from seed with autos ! But i just wasnt sure if the autoflowers will still be tasty finishing under 2x400 watt metal halide instead of the hps! Lol im getting good grows right now so im scared to screw up 10 of my little og kush. .only way to find out is to try it i guess

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And I’m at strong believer in feeding full strength

Been almost a year since I grew autos are you got me wanting to go drop some beans

people dont believe me when i tell them these plants are harvested at 8 to 10 weeks from seed lol

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Looks like a 2 Liter pop on that stem lol

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Ya it was insane yeilded 7 oz cured and the bushy one i just cut the colas tonight! I love autos butttttt the phenos are horrible i could grow 10 of the same and everyone will be different including the yields! So im switching back to test my theory haha

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That’s why I went back to regular seeds and fem seeds I’m getting 10oz dry all day with them For a while I was constantly getting about 6 ounces off of each of my auto’s then it went from that to getting an ounce off of it getting 4 ounces off of it getting one out off of it it was just different all the time they’re fun but for my medication I like to have the bigger plants but I am going to start some more autos lol

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Ya it pisses me off always seems like the best is the worst yeild! But thats a great avg 10 oz per plant dry, theres alot more control when growing normal photos, and endless little babies to cut and clone lol, but ya i will always have an auto going aswell but just not for my main smoke i need lots haha

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@Kroncaddycustoms Out of what I’ll GM has for autos what do you think I should start I will do some 3 gallon pots

To be honest i have not looked on the website because they dont ship to canada! The ones that have really proven to me! Super skunk auto, Northern light auto, og kush auto are my hieghest yeilderz but i loved heaven auto, blow dream auto, see mango auto but small yeild

I always found its better to buy something you think you will really enjoy because now adays pretty much every strain is good with high thc lol, every time i read what the strain is supposed to be it ends uo being complete opposite so i just pick and if its shit i dont grow again