Help with light upgrade please

I am growing autos in a 32x32x60 my light is a LED UFO with 200w. It has grown some nice plants but the buds are not dense at all. I am looking at a 600w switchable on amazon. Any recommendations (under $100)?

I would continue saving or you’ll be wasting more money. That ufo light is a shop light and the wrong spectrum for flowering plants. A cheap Amazon light and you’re looking at similar results.


You may be in the market for hps/mh light on that budget. That’s if you can manage the heat. This comes with the mh bulb for veg and hps bulb for flower


Simplicity is a major factor. Heat management would be a problem as it requires additional equipment. I need to keep it stealthy and simple. This is just a side hobby with benefits. If I can get a cycle where 2 plants per month are harvested I would be very happy. To get there would probably take a second tent and filter though. I wonder if I can manage 3 at a time in my 32x32 with 1000w.


I think your lights are one of the most important components to grow massive dense buds. If you have lights that done put out enough PPFD DLI or Lux, technology used to be about a gram per watt, but that has changed big time. It’s quite a few models affordable that works efficiently and grow nice fair size buds. Now if you want dense buds, you will need strong generating light power and its lights on the market putting out 2.5 -4.5 micromols per juel. Spider farmer, Marshydro, AdvancedLed, Apache Tech, Cutilux, HLG and that Slim 650S any of those brands have one light that will cover that whole tent Just for a quick way of light cheating, 400 watts is about 4 ounces depending on growers ability, techniques, nutrients, environment right. 1000 watt is about 10 ounces of dry weight not quite exact but a good way to decide, but I strongly suggest save and spend once, instead of buying cheap, to later buy another one or two. Now in my personal experience and opinion, Run both spectrums simultaneously is the best way and about the closet way to mini the sun :sunny:. You would be surprised with what you can do with a 315 Lec CMH in that tent with a 3000K and a 4000K, I don’t think its any light that can out veg a Lec CMH with ballast, but if you run Led with UV and CMH with The highest UV on the market I believe last I’ve read up a few years ago, might have to go back and see if things changed in the last year in lights as for as Ultra Violet par, I think LEC is the highest, unless its a Led that’s higher now. But if you really want dense buds in that 3x3 with a 630 LEC CMH for about $300, you would love the frost and the density LEC put out .

I see the relationship watts to oz even with my weak light. 2 plants harvested so far and both yielded right a 2 oz dry. I had 3 plants about 20 days apart under that one light.

So give a take a little more or less but not much, so in my opinion, stack your bitcoins and wait until you can spend at least $600-1500 and you won’t need a light for a very long time, at least 10 years if not longer. Now you can buy a 315 Lec or a 630 Lec for less than $500 and either one will triple your harvest to about 6-10 ounces, with longer veg and plant training and good nutrients, you can do a pound easy .

Thanks for the input. I have a new photo I am uploading now. Just a sec…

3 current pics of some sexy White Cheese. First leaf on Jan 18. About to bust out some flowers. :cheese:

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Yes sir, now if you still want big fat nugs right now you still have plenty of time to get her to put out. First remove all the big sun leaves under each budding flower, and each inside fan leaf that will curl in the bud later in flower, she don’t need them big solar panel leaves no more see finish growing leaves, leave about an inch of the stem the leaves is on when you cut them off, but yeah I would swazzy her, you in week 2 or 3 from the flip ?

Supposed to be an auto but I am not seeing any hairs yet. 7 weeks since it got 1st leaf so I may have to flip light to 12/12. If it gets much taller, I will run out of room and have to tie 'er down. LOL

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Strip her down ah lil more so she can breath easy and start stacking your flower boisters nutrients and raise your ppm.

She’s almost ready for a drink and this will be the 3rd dose that I will include Tiger Bloom. Takes 1/2 gal every few days… I ph test and adjust the mixture.

I would run it on 10 \14 and let it stack and frost and the last 2 weeks I do 12\12 and I harvest my tops now and revert for monster crops, saves time and that second and third harvest be so super frosty and premium, growing from globe is really how you get premium gas .

Plan is and was to grow autos so that light is not an issue. I have a Zkittles about 3 weeks old and another White Cheese about to sprout so I want to keep the lights on a longer schedule. I hope this one will go ahead and flower on it’s own and I will look at better lights. The money is there but a wife is involved too…She already thinks the light bill spiked due to the grow. Nevermind the coldest winter in years…nah got nothing tto do with it right?

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That ufo light is probably adding about $14 a month. Not a very large spike.

Right, you running Led’s right? If you running auto’s, you can run 18\ 6 and they should frost up and blow up in week 5. What nutes are you running ?

I would Think So Buddy!

@HMGRWN I think any low budget led lights might run about $300 extra for the entire grow season, not a few weeks or months. I run 3 lights,
Two AdvancedLed XTE 300’s and a Revolution Eva 1000watt but instead of a double ended bulb, Im running a 500watt PGZX 3000K and 500watt 4000K PGXZ in the same 1000watt unit with one XTE 300 on one side and one one the other, and this is by far besides them Apache Tech with CMH is really the cream for growing big ridiculous donkey sticks. But I’ve been testing lights since I’ve started indoors and its the best I’ve combined and the results is in the bud weight. No other lights can out produce that Setup last I’ve checked. But me u would take off all big sun leaves that’s sagging and leave only the ones at the very top, give her some humid acid and fish, with a good bloom booster and bump them ppms up to 1500-1850 and let her do all what she willing to do, big nuggets

I am using Fox Farms trio nutes in soil. Been using 2 gal fabric pots but am moving to 3 gal.

This is my first serious grow attempt and I am easing into it. So far I know I have a weak light and harvested one too early and burned the other with the light too close. Here’s hoping #3 is the charm.

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