Help with LED lights


Forgot to say they are in 3 gallon pots.


I use cloth pots and saucers myself so that I can use the plants weight to tell me when to water. Generally it’s 1/3 gal every other day for 3 gal cloth pots. I start feeding autos once they’re in full flower and over 12" tall. You probably don’t have to in Ocean Forest soil until they’re 5 or 6 weeks into flower.

This White Widow auto is getting nutrients

This one is getting it’s nutes from the soil only.


When I keep my mars led 12’’ from my plants during bloom, my plants can get best light


Is this a male plant? It is taller and thinner than it’s 2 sisters. I bought 5 feminized auto flower cheese seeds from here. 2 died after sprouting and now I think I have a male.

If this is a male, has it already screwed up the other 2? It’s been right next to them since planting.



Definitely a Male. Are any of the pollen sacks open? If so yes it’s to late. But you should probably remove it either way.


Only this one looks open. But inside the opening is hard. Doesn’t look like any pollen has come out.

Think I can get 5 replacement seeds from ILGM, given what has happened here?


Thought all these seeds were supposed to be feminized. How did this happen?

Ordered 5 seeds, took meticulous care of them daily, now I got nothing.

Not a happy camper right now.


Wanted to grow my own for chronic back pain and stress. Not working out though.

Anyone know where I can safely buy weed online? Desperate and in pain.


It’s a male, not sure what happened there. What kind of seeds?


Cheese feminized auto flower from ILGM.


At quick glance, I didn’t see that the cheese auto was feminized anywhere in the description. I was under the impression that all of the ilgm autos were feminized though. However, my understanding of how the breed the fem auto seeds always leaves the possibility of them to produce sacks.


Just checked the site to be sure I didn’t misread. Under Feminized Seeds (it says “Feminized seeds have no male chromosomes and are guaranteed to flower delicious, resinous bud.”)

And the photo says " [
Cheese (fem)

Copied and pasted from ILGM website.

Very confused right now.


Cheese fem and cheese auto are different seeds. Either way, besides the point I was trying to make. The way they create those seeds is by forcing a female plant to create pollen sacks and pollinate itself. Any time that’s done, there’s always a chance that trait will remain in the seeds produced.


So, if this male of mine has pollen sacks, but also the little white hairs that are typical of a female, is there a chance it still might grow buds?

Trying to learn all I can. Seems theres alot to learn.


I suppose it’s possible to be herm. I didn’t see much that represented pistils though. Looked like all sacks to me.


I thought it looked like it might have pistils at the top of the branch on right but couldn’t tell in the picture.


Looks like pistils on very top.
Worth keeping?


I really don’t know. Might wait for the experts. Could get seeds from it but probably no smoke. Is this your only plant?


I have these 2. Both look like females, both have pistils. But now i don’t know if they have been pollinated.


I would just get rid of that male if you’ve got females around. He’s not worth keeping.