Help with leaf signs

Hello all,

I have a 3 weeks old autoflower grown outside. I noticed some signs on leafs. May you help me figure it out please?

@garrigan62 may you also advice please?

This might help you?

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Looks like water or nutrient water got onto the leaves. Is it only on this leaf? At the bottom of the plant?

Looks like you got leaf miners


My opinion leaf miners or some type of bug


Had the same problem a week ago I actually found little slender electric green looking bugs crawling on the backside of the Leafs . Pick them all off and destroyed looking for something now maybe to keep them off plant. I agree with other community members definitely a bug issue.

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How would I fix this, I was told it was nute burn so I’ve been housing water for almost a week but it’s getting worse and worse.

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Please don’t bomb another person’s thread for issues with your grow. This is so you can get the attention as well as the original poster.


I agree. Stick with your original post and let them mentors take you through. This will avoid to many opinions and confusion.

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