Help with leaf problems

Can anyone tell whats wrong?
4x8 tent, 6" ac infinity exaust fan. 400watt ac infinity leds. 6 in fan.
The girls we’re doing geat in veg for about 4 weeks then leaves started turning. They are in 5 gal pots with Sohum living soil. I water about every 3 days with ph 6.3 to 6.5.


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Strain. Maui Waui
Sohum living soil
5gal cloth pots
Ph 6.4 tap water no runoff
Indoor grow
Day temp 76 RH 58
Night temp 68 RH unknown
Ac infinity 6" exhaust
6" occolating fan
Ac infinity humidifier

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I expect you have pH and/or PPM problems. They often come together. We can’t really say a lot without understanding your runoff pH and PPM.

The plant is certainly experiencing a nitrogen excess. The rusty spots could be due to pH out of range or P and K excesses. What are you feeding the plant with and how much and how often?

Suggest you get pH and PPM meters and begin managing your runoff pH (6.3 to 6.8) and PPM (~1,000.) Be aware that the runoff pH can be different than the pH of the solution you feed.

This is my first grow and was told Sohum live soildosen’t need any added feedings. I did have them in veg for 6 weeks. I have not been watering enough to get runoff. Been giving them 2 quarts each about every 3 days

I’m perplexed if you haven’t been feeding because it looks like overfeeding. You may have gotten a particularly hot bag of soil. That doesn’t make sense either if (IIRC) Sohum is intended for organic grows. You may be looking at deficiencies with a plant that is > 6 weeks old and has not yet been fed. Your runoff PPM would tell the tale if that is the case.

There are no soils that don’t need nutrients at some point in the grow.

I have a bluelab ph pen and feeding tap water at 6.4. Should I invest in a soil ph meter?

You are set for testing pH if you have a Bluelab pH pen. They make great meters. Bluelab also sell PPM meters. Apera is another good option.

I would invest in a PPM meter. We can’t offer any more solid guidance without understanding PPM.

Do you intend to grow organic? That would change everything I’ve said.

I just started with the sohum live soil. Said it was great for beginner’s. Will my blue lab pen work for soil testing or do I need a specific one for soil?

You test the water that runs out the bottom of the pot when you water. You could also perform a slurry test. I would be interested in knowing the results for pH with runoff or from a slurry test. It will be easier for you to Google how to slurry test rather than me trying to explain it.

My runoff ph is at 7.2
Watering with ph at 6.4

Your runoff pH should be between 6.3 and 6.8. 6.5 is the sweet spot.

9 weeks into flower. Think the girls are ready for havest?