Help with Leaf Issues

Team im on my second grow. First grow was with living soil and with this communities help it was fairly successful. Thanks to all! My second and current grow is in coco/perlite and im having some leaf issues. Using HLG 600 v2 rspec light (plants love this light), humidity at 50%, temp at 78f, two jack herrer in 10gal pots. Why do these leaves have these spots on them? Feeding cal mag at 5mil per gallon and floranova bloom at 4mils per gallon with ph between 5.5-6.5.

May not apply to your specific situation but it may help

Tough to match with illustrations but i do appreciate your help.

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If you search on here there is a thread with close up pictures and descriptions. I will try and find it.

6.5 is out of the desired range for coco. You want to hit the sweet spot 5.8-6.0. Too high and you will lock out nutrients.
If your new growth is what’s being affected I’d say you have a calcium deficiency starting. If it’s the older lower leaves that’s being affected then I’d guess your have a magnesium deficiency .:v:


Right on thanks for the help


Yup Watt hit the nail directly. That high of pH is asking for lockout. Get her back into range and the effectd leaves wont look better but the spread will stop

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Here is the link to a good post by @Jbum

Deficiencies with pics, descriptions and remedies


I also have the HLG 600h and it is a very intense light so may want to dim it down some and or raise it up. With this light I’ve found that they do use up Calcium and magnesium faster.

The leaves look to need some calcium…brown spots within the leaves mass not on the edges which usually is a sign of needing Phosphorus.

Epsom salt at around 1tsp per gallon is something I add to my watering about every other time and is cheap and provides Magnesium and Sulfur.

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Light is at about 40inches above canopy and at 75% output. Thanks for the input all!

That’s the one I mentioned above. Good find.

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Up to you but if your only lighting 2 plants with the HLG 600 and want to save some electricity costs and heat you may want to both drop the light closer and turn it down lower. That fixture can Veg a 6x7 foot space and a 4x4 in flower.
Maybe 24-30” and 30-50% intensity and adjust as they grow…etc
In veg they don’t need the intensity that they will in flower

Exactly. You have a calcium deficiency that a nominal dose of cal mag will correct. Necessary in coco. I prefer 6.0 as my target in both coco and Promix. I have to ask when was the last time you calibrated your PH meter? Something that should be checked frequently. (I use 7.0 Standard Reference Solution).

Ditto them two. Bad a** light = hungry lil ladies

I calibrate with a srandard 7 solution before every feeding. Will feed with 6.0 ph and bump up the calmag. Thanks again all!