Help with intentionally pollinating my plants

Hi folks. My first grow I have a rouge plant go hermie on me and gave me an abundance of seeds. Literally hundreds. Had a sneaky boy hiding in the second grow, got some seeds. So I saved some pollen from a male plant to pollinate my Orange Bud I just grew and got ONE seed. Just one. I used the same method for pollinating the Orange Bud as I do my tomatoes (tiny paint brush, sprinkled on the pistils). Is there something wrong with my technique or is Karma just laughing her ass off at me and my futile attempt to create some mega buds? I stored the pollen in flour (as suggested) and in a freezer (not frost-free) in the back away from the door. I figure it has to be one fo the following: Bad pollen, bad storage, or bad technique? The plant was in week 3 of flower. Thanks for the help.

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I’ll make us some popcorn…. :grin:

Hopefully my friend @noddykitty1 can offer some advice. I heard the pollen doesn’t keep well, I think he clones or bonsais his males and keeps them abused in a small container until he needs them again.

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The male u had i would of put it in ur tent with ur female and let ur fans spread the pollen around ur tent you would a better pollenation rate i would believe

Wish I could have. The male was mature about a month before the female, and other plants were in flower I did not want to cross when he was mature. Thought a month would have been short enough to keep pollen viable. Bummer, but will just try again on a secluded grow.