Help with insects and mild mold prevention

Hey everybody. Been away for a while. Got a little sick. Alls well now. Anybody got experience with Bergmans Pest Protection? Wound up taking a huge hit. Wanted that extra week. Oh well lesson learned. Had tiny, tiny bugs in the nugs. Had some stem boarers. But I GOT WHACKER WITH MOLD. Powder gray and botrytis…big time…real quick. I was taking care of them remotely on weekends.They were clean to the end. Prophylaxis this grow. This plan looks good. I am open to any and all suggestions. Ok, cool. Peace among all universes. Always appreciated. Also any suggestions for strains that grow in Boston weather. Experience with Afgan, skunk varieties. Bushy, not too tall. 50 gal/supersoil. Outside. Sorry, stoned and ranting on Friday night…thanks again​:wink::v::sunglasses:

What strain were you growing?

Grew 2 Afgan, 1 blue dream, 2 bruce banner, 1 big bud. Last season. SUPERIOR plants until the end. Should have pulled them Columbus day. Wanted to get 1 extra week…rained the whole week. Broken stems/branches. Kicking myself. I KNOW better. Greed…my fault​:frowning::wink::v::sunglasses:

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