Help with ilgm fertilizer


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Anytime Brother :love_you_gesture:

good morning brother!
I think we developing a problem with these two ladies, as evidenced by the photos of some leaves which have newly turned yellowish with brown and white holes.

I got the pen and Cal mag yesterday and we’ll start applying.

I have no idea what’s causing these leaves their current condition, and my gut instinct is to prune them away but I’m not sure.

it could be leaf spot fungus… man, I hope not.

any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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Give the leaves top and bottom a good inspection to rule out pest. Ide really like to know the root zone PH with run off or a more accurate method is a slurry test. It resembles a phosphorus deficiency and if you’re feeding the recommended base nutrients it should be expressing this unless there is a root zone PH issue. What’s your final PH and PPMS of the nutrient mix on feed days? :love_you_gesture:

I am going to feed today with the ilgm nutrients along with Cal mag. give it enough so that it disperses through the bottom, collect it test it and send you the results?
cool? :+1:

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Give her a full dose at a PH of 6.5 and 1000 PPMs :love_you_gesture:

after feeding, these are the results I got

bubba Kush

pure indica

granddaddy purple

ideally what should the PPM read and I’m assuming The Sweet spot is 6.5

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Yep, their hungry. Shoot for 1000 PPMs. What was the numbers from your nutrient mixture. PH is low but can be fed and watered each time at 6.8 -7.0 until your run off is in range and close to 6.5 :love_you_gesture:

got it! a pathway forward… can’t ask for more than that!

thanks much! I’ll keep you posted.

I removed the damaged leaves.