Help with identifying the problem with this auto please!

Hi guys I’m new to this forum so go easy! Having problems with this northern light auto from royal queen seeds. Ph is fine at 6, growing in canna soil and using canna nutes in filtered water at 1/8 of strength twice a week. My grow light is a spider farmer sf 1000 and I’m using a grow cabinet. Temp is no higher than 25 degrees with light on and 20 when off have also used cal mag at half strength a few times


She’s moving into the flower stage, increase your calmag. Adding a little epson salts to your nutrient mix helps as well :love_you_gesture:


Thanks mate. Can you add the Epsom salts and water them in? I have only used as a foliar spray before

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@Autobob Just mix with your water at 1 tsp/ gal.

Yes. You got it. :+1:

Continue with ur veg nutes for a couple weeks as they stretch too. Helps keep ‘em greener longer.

Could probably go up a bit on the nutes. Maybe 1/4 strength for now. Just don’t want to over do it too quickly.

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Thanks very much :+1:


Agree :point_up_2:


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Getting good advice I see. I would also check real close for pests. Those spots look like something may be snacking on them.


Welcome to the forums! I am thinking the spots might also be water splashes - can cause the magnifying glass effect with the lights.


Up the calcium and magnesium and potassium and phosphorus

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Had a few fungus gnats but other than that there isn’t anything else. Thanks though


So added some cal mag and Epsom salt so far the problem has got worse and leaves are yellowing even more but I did only water them last night

Just to clarify, the leaves will begin to turn yellow when she’s ready to be flipped? Or that happens after you flip and she’s gone thru transition?

Not trying to take over OP post, just want to make sure I’m taking notes.

Flipping from 18/6 to 12/12 should not have any affect on the leaves.


She’s and auto dude. Light schedule is 18/6

@Never_Legendary Yellowing leaves is a symptom of nutrient problems. When the plant starts to flower, sometimes it does not get enough nutes from the medium and robs it from the leaves. Typically phosphorous , potassium, calcium and magnesium needs go up.