Help with identifying stage of autoflower GG from ILGM

Need a lil help with identifying when my autos are switching to flowering stage. I’m using fox farm nutes and was wondering if I need to worry about feeding the open sesame and cha ching? Are those nutes just to help the plant transition? Because I don’t think these autos need any help I feel like they switch on their own pretty well This is a GG from ILGM that popped up 10/16 and was wondering if she started to switch and if so when would be a good time to start feeding the beastie buds?

And here’s another that I started 9/26

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Notice the size difference?? Crazy and I have a zkittles that’s tall as hell and another that’s small and thick

They are already well into flower. You can use the Beastie Bloomz if you have it. Cha-Ching if you don’t since you are at least three weeks into flower.


@CMichGrower you think the plant in the 1st photo is 3 weeks in flower?

The first week of flower you have to look closely at the top growth to see the pistils forming. The second week of flower you begin to easily spot the flowers developing, the pistils are easily seen but a little thin, maybe like the ones in the first photo. By the third week they are getting nice and big like the ones in the second post.

The plant in the third post is even further along.

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